Jason Williams’ Wife Denika Kisty? Biography, Net Worth, Career & More

Denika Kisty
Date of Birth November 18, 1975
Profession Athlete
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Husband Jason Williams


Denika Kisty is a former member of the Florida Gators track and field team and she is also an All-American javelin thrower.

She came to the limelight as a celebrity wife of Jason Williams. Her husband Jason is an American former professional basketball player who was a point guard in the NBA.

Who is Denika Kisty’s Husband Jason Chandler Williams?

Denika Kisty and jason williams

Jason Williams was born on November 18 in 1975. He is an American basketball player who used to play as a point guard in the NBA.

He played there for twelve seasons during the late 90s and early 2000s. Early in his NBA career, Williams build a reputation for his impressive “street” style of play.

He became a regular feature on top sports shows for his great assists. He had a real knack for passing the ball.

He completed regular no-look and half-court passes and that was amazing to watch. A lot of people have made tribute to his passing in the internet.

Jason was also pretty popular for taking great 3 point shots and he used to make the audience go wild.

He was a bit risky player though so, the opponent could turn over quickly. In his 4th year in the NBA, he had a 3.5 per game peak.

His style led him to be benched quite often. Williams sat out most of the 4th quarter in the 2000 playoffs. The game was against the LA Lakers.

Later in his career, he improved his playing style and with Memphis and Miami, he consistently managed to achieve huge number of assists in the NBA.


Denika Kisty was born and raised somewhere in the USA. She has an American Nationality. Kisty is of white ethnicity and she also has a blonde hair color with Blue Colored eyes.

Her exact birth date and early life is still shrouded in mystery though. She grew up in a middle-class family.

After completing high school, Denika enrolled at the University of Florida which is located in Gainesville, Florida. She also attended the same University as her spouse Jason.

Denika has impressive body. She has a good height and balanced body weight as well. Looking at her pictures, we can conclude that she has got a slim and curvy body type.

In addition, she has a pair of very beautiful eyes and blonde hair. with fair complexion and incredible body, Denika is an eye candy!


In terms of her career, She used to be on the Florida Gators Track team. Denika also took part in the All-american Javelin throw competition. After her marriage, she ended her professional career and became a housewife.

She also supports her husband Jason. She got recognition party because of him. Jason is a former NBA player and he cites Denika as a great wife.

Denika is also a former track and field player so, she makes a really great living these days by teaching people to play the sport,

Net Worth

The celebrity wife of Jason, Denika is also a former player. She is a sports personality as well so, it is evident that he has collected a good number of asset as well.

A pro level track and field athlete can get an estimated salary of $32,000 to $240,000 per year So, during her active career, she definitely made boat load of money. She is definitely living a very good life as a housemaker.

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