Who is Journalist Demetria Obilor? (Beautiful Media Personality)

Demetria Obilor

If someone asked you, how can we rise to stardom or fame really quick then what would you answer? Most probably you would say that pursuing a career or become a singer, actor, or sports player. These are the things we think are the stairs towards fame but you are not the only one that thinks like that many people including me, yes I also used to think that becoming a singer or actor can make you famous in no time but this is the 21st century and we can even be famous by using social media. Also ever wondered that journalism can also rise someone to stardom?

People like Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Robin Roberts, and Diane Sawyer gained fame and stardom through journalism. In this blog post, we will be talking about Demetria Obilor, and how she got known in the United States despite having a very short career.

Early Life of Demetria Obilor

Demetria is a television personality, journalist and she gained popularity after she stood up against body shaming, she responded with a message and it went viral which made her nationally known journalist or television personality.

Talking about her life she was born on March 29, 1991, in Kansas City. She has a mixed ancestry where her dad belongs to a Nigerian family, her mother belongs to a German-Lithuanian-Russian family. Growing up she lived in Kansas City, Missouri along with her siblings Uzoma, Ikkena, and Kelechi before moving to Las Vegas.

According to the reports, her family moved to Las Vegas during her high school years in 2005. Ans in 2009 she enrolled in Johnson County Community College, a public community college in Overland Park, Kansas, United States, and after a year she went to the University of Kansas and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2012.

Her Career

She started working on the student television station as a production tech in KSBH-TV. There she would broadcast news and after her graduation, she was offered a job traffic reporter in 2013. She worked with the social media department at KSBH-TV in Las Vegas and WFAA in Dallas.

Demetria’s hard work was clearly seen as she remarkably grew KSBH-TV’s social media presence. While she worked as a traffic reporter at KLAS-TV, a CBS affiliate station she hosted a social media segment called “Trending now” and “What’s Driving You Crazy?”  a franchised segment.

She also participated in various modeling competitions as she has a beautiful body, she even won the grand prizes and the People’s Choice Award in the competitions. She was still working at KSBH-TV in Las Vegas but she quit working there and In 2017 October, she joined WFAA’s Channel 8 morning show Day Break as an anchor for Traffic Ensemble.

Fight Against Body Shaming

Demetria Obilor

As mentioned earlier she worked as an anchor for Traffic Ensemble in WFAA. Everything will be fine she thought but while working in WFAA she became the target of body shaming and racism.

Just two weeks after she started to work in WFAA in 2017, she was abused for her dressing choices, Facebook user named Jan Shedd commented about her outfit stating that it looked ridiculous. the user posted a caption stating Who has seen the new morning traffic reporter for Channel 8? “The woman has a size 16/18 body in a size 6 dress, and she looks ridiculous. Her name is Demetria Obilor.“ The post has now been deleted.

The post went viral and many celebrities including Chance the Rapper and Meghan McCain who stood against the body-shaming for Demetria. And later Demetria responded with a video which she shared on her social media accounts, where she talked about the controversies and thanked and showed her love towards the people who defended her.

“The controversy is caused by people who aren’t too happy with the way I look on television and have remarked that my body is too big for what she’s wearing, It’s crazy, it’s not our style.’ A word to those people: whatever you think about my building, my appearance, or how I was born, I will continue to be who I am, and if you don’t like it you have your options.” She said on a video.

She went viral for taking a stance against people body-shaming her since then she also speaks against issues like sexual harassment, body shaming, and racism in a topic like Asian Hate after the covid outbreak.

Demetria Left WFAA

After working in WFAA for two years in 2019, she finally decided to leave WFAA, Ed Bark tweeted on August 3, 2019, stating that Demetria has refused to renew her contract.

Ed further shared a short bit of memo which was sent by the WFAA manager Carolyn Mungo, “Obilor has stepped away from the traffic desk, and she is not renewing her contract.“ the part of the memo read.

Demetria also confirmed the news through a video she posted on her Twitter account in 2019, September 18, she was really thankful to WFAA where she got an opportunity to work and grow further. Certainly, it was her decision that was also mentioned in the memo and the WFAA also respected her decision to leave, but there also reports suggesting that was not liked by a few of her colleagues and management team. During her time in WFAA, she had gained national recognition and many fans were sad hearing the news.

What Is She Up to These Days?

Before leaving WFAA, in her last show she said that after leaving she will be spending time with her family for some time in Las Vegas. And later she also said that she wanted to look or pursue new opportunities the same thing was also written in a memo sent by Mungo.

Demetria posted a photo on her Instagram account with a caption stating “Last day in Dallas it’s a wrap” on October 21, 2019. Now it seems like she has become a freelance journalist as she was live on her Instagram account interviewing rapper Soulja Boy, she even posted the video on her account later. She has 1m total followers on her IG account which is pretty amazing let’s hope and wish for her best for her upcoming days.

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