All About Cyndi Lauper’s Son – Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper (Biography)

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper
Date of Birth Nov 19, 1997
Profession Rapper
Height 5.7 Inches
Weight 60
Father Cyndi Lauper

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper is a famous American producer, rapper and a song writer. He is also a celebrity kid. His parents are David Thornton (the famous American actor) and singer Cyndi Lauper.

Who is Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper?

Declyn was born in 19th November 1997. He is from New York, USA and he holds the American citizenship. Currently. Declyn is 23 years old and his birth sign is Scorpio. His parents are David Thornton and Cyndi Lauper. Both of his parents are celebrities.

His parents have a healthy relationship. The two married in 1991 and they had dated for a while before getting married. Ever since their wedding, Declyn’s parents have stayed together happily.

Beside this though, not much is known about Declyn’s early life. He doesn’t have any siblings and the information about his educational background is also not available.

Declyn has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and he weighs like 60 Kgs. We don’t have information about his chest, waist and hip size though.

In terms of eyes, he has brown eyes and his hair color is brown. Declyn also has incredibly attractive personality overall.

He is only active in Twitter and Instagram though. His user name is @dexlauper in both platforms. Declyn has a modest following of around 5K on his Twitter whereas his Instagram page has earned more than 131K followers.

In addition, he also has a self-titled YouTube channel. This channel has more than 640 subscribers currently.

We don’t have much information about Lauper’s personal life though. We don’t know if he is dating anyone or not. As per some online sources though, he previously dated Taylor.


Declyn has a good name in the music industry. He goes with the stage name Dex Lauper.

He is a producer and a rapper as well. Declyn writes his own songs and he produces his own beats which is a nice thing. Declyn is currently working for his debut album ALGO. ALGO is the short form of As Life Goes on.

He does have a single though. Declyn dropped the song “Wavy” in 2015. He started music at the age of 18.

If we have to take a look at his debut single then the content of that single is a bit Sugar Pop. It’s not hardcore gangsta rap but a little mellow. He did rap about money though and well, this is the common theme of rap songs these days anyway.

It seems like Declyn is taking the same path as her mother Cyndi took. Cyndi is a veteran musician who has released several albums as well as singles including some chart topping singles.

Cyndi also has over 50 million album sales. She has won many awards that includes Grammy, Emmys, MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards and more.

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper Net Worth

While we do not have the exact details of Declyn’s net worth, we do know that he earns a lot of money. He has a lavish lifestyle.

Since Declyn is a celebrity kid, he became a famous rapper and pockets some hefty sum of money. His father David Thornton has a net worth of around $8 million. His mother on the other hand is around $50 million.

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