Who is Doja Cat’s Mom Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career & More

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
Date of Birth 1963
Profession Painter
Relationship Married
Daughter Doja Cat
Net Worth N/A

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the mother of famous American Singer and Rapper Doja Cat. If you are a fan of Doja Cat you might know that Deborah is the artist’s big inspiration. Doja cat has famously rapped about her mother’s influence on her career.

Doja Cat is very successful  as an artist and she credits that success to her mother.

Who is Deborah Elizabet Sawyer’s daughter, Doja Cat?

American rapper and singer Doja Cat’s real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini.. She was born on October 21, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. The 25-year-old started her musical career at 16 years of age after she dropped out of high school.

She taught music to herself by starting to record on GarageBand and she started uploading tracks to SoundCloud until she was signed by a major Record Label.

Doja Cat releaser her debut album Amala in 2018. The album wasn’t a smashing success or anything but the lead single “Moo!” garnered an immense popularity.

The song is hilarious and she imagines herself as a cow. This became a viral sensation. She became popular in 2019 and also released a second album which did pretty good.

Doja Cat


Deborah did not become famous until her daughter blew up. Despite being pretty popular, we don’t really know much about her. She keeps her private life away from the public. We do know that she was born in 1963 and he is 57 years old.

She was born in the USA. She has Jewish roots as well. Nothing is known about her place of birth and family though. It is speculated that she is a Leo. The details about her education and background is also not made public.

Where is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer from? She is from Tarzana, California, USA.

Who is Doja Cat mother? Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a mom of famous rapper Doja Cat.


We know a lot of things about Deborah’s occupation and we will talk about it here. Deborah is actually an incredibly talented painter. She has Jewish roots and she started painting from a very young age.

Sources say that Deborah is really passionate about it. It is also possible that Deborah developed the love for art from her family. Her grandmother was a very talented artist as well so, she learned from her. Her mother was also a skilled painter. Deborah makes paintings of environments. She uses oil, wax and other tools to make amazing paintings.

Her color mixing skill is impeccable and she loves to experiment with different colors. Deborah has a whole website just for showing her talents. She exhibits her works in the website. Aside from painting, Deborah is also a great actor.

She has minor roles in some less famous shows such as “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date,”  and the movie “Martyrs – The Chronicles of Blood.”

Net Worth

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a really gifted painted as we have discussed. She has also made some appearances on the silver screen and she is the mother of a successful young rapper.

All of these things mean that Deborah makes a really great living. Although we don’t how much exactly does she earn, we can speculate that she lives a life of luxury. Her income sources seem diverse and once we know her exact value, we will definitely spread the word.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Facts

  1. Deborah daughter is an American singer and famous rapper Doja Cat
  2. She looks still young
  3. Deborah Sawyer is famous for her American Art
  4. She was happily married to her husband Dumisani Dlamini
  5. She is an American

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