Who is Lacey Chabert’s Husband, David Nehdar?

David Nehdar
Birth Place Los Angeles
Profession Businessman
Wife Lacey Chabert
Net Worth $9 million


David Nehdar is a successful business and also came in limelight due to being Lacey Chabert’s husband.

Before getting married with Lacey, he was complete unknown person to the world and just a businessman who was doing his work.

Lacey Nicole Chabert is popular an American actress and some of her greatest movies are “Mean Girls”, “All of My Heart” and famous TV Series are, “Party of Five”, “A Royal Christmas”.

David Nehdar Biography

David Nehdar was born in August 16, 1974 and he was born in USA. So, his nationality is American as well as of White ethnicity.

He is also a veteran businessman, who is famous for being husband of Lacey Chabert. There is no any information about his past life, family or about his siblings.

He has earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and as soon as he completed his studies he joined his family business and take it to whole new level.

What is David Nehdar’s Career?

While most magazines and tabloids have written about David and they say he is an entrepreneur but it is not really fixed. We can’t fact check it. But since Nehdar does have a business degree, it can be true. Nothing else is really known about this man and only Lacey is the one who has the picture of David but even she has kept it quite private!

The actress takes the matter of privacy quite seriously and this is why she has not really shared the pictures of David. Even though she has 1000 posts on Instagram, not a single picture reveals her husband’s identity.

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert Relationship

Their relationship is not clear to the public so, there is no any detailed information their relationship status. Sounds like when they started to date, they hide their relationship far away from media.

They maintain their career and relationship so balanced that still many people don’t know about him.

These couple get married on December 22, 2013. And they got married on Los Angeles, California. Their marriage was also done in private way and there was no any buzz about their marriage information.

David post picture of him and Lacey marriage on social media, which makes Lacey’s fans curious about their family life. Anyway, David is still unknown to many fans of his wife.

And barely fans knows about David Nehdar and his background.

In 2016, Lacey posted one announcement on Twitter, stating that she is pregnant. The announcement was made by posting their pet dog wearing a shirt saying My mom is having a baby & all I get is this silly shirt.

They also revealed that they are having a baby girl.

By now this, couple are blessed with daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar, the daughter was born in 2016 and she is just 5 years as of 2021.

It is also found that, the middle name of their daughter ‘Mimi‘ was chosen for the honor of David grandmother.


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David Nehdar’s Home Cooking

Not many celebrities actually like to cook and when it comes to men, most of them can’t really cook anyway but that is not the case for David Nehdar. He is actually a pretty great cook. In an interview that Lacey did online, she mentioned that David is the one to help her out in the house.

She also stated that David does the breakfast chores everyday. When Nehdar is cooking, Lacey focuses on her work and checks her e-mail too. 

In addition, they have been quite busy when they welcomed their very first children and both of them are quite busy so, they share the housework with each other. Everything gets easy when you have multiple people working at it and the same goes for taking care of the children. The couple do most of the things together and they even spend some quality time with each other.

David Nehdar Rumors

Lot’s of celebrities face gay rumor and this is a serious question since, it is raised about their sexuality and personality.

By, the way his is straight and he is not a gay as well as bisexual. He is now married man living happily with his daughter and wife.

David Nehdar Net worth

David is from business background, his father was also a businessman and by now he is managing his father business.  So, we can say that he is enjoying a lavish and luxurious life by now.

Also looking on his professional career, we can say that he is able to earn millions of money from his business.

According, to some sources and media claim it is found that his net worth of $9 Million.

While on other side, his wife Lacey is also a very famous actress and made a large sum of money from entertainment industry.

She has worked for more than 150s projects including movies, TV series and on various programs. By now we can say that her net worth is more than $4 million.

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