Dave Rienzi Married Dwayne Johnson Ex-Wife Dany Garcia

Dave Rienzi

Dave Rienzi is a famous bodybuilder and trainer. He is also a fitness expert, businessman, and more. He is famous because Dave is the person that trains high-profile celebrities. His most famous client is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In addition to that, Dave is also the husband of Dwayne’s ex-wife Dany.

Who is Dave Rienzi?

Dave Rienzi, as of 2021 is 37 years old. His ethnicity is white and he is an American Citizen. From an early age, he wanted to be a big guy as he was drawn to sports and other things. He was also pretty talented but he never liked his studies that much. We don’t have much information about his early life and family members though.

While Dave did graduate from the University of Miami, he wasn’t a particularly bright student. In fact, his interest lied in acting instead. Maybe that is why he got ripped and became a trainer instead. Anyway, Dave loves movies and the whole entertainment industry more than studying for finals!

Dave competed in professional bodybuilding championships


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Dave is a professional bodybuilder so, he has competed in pro-level weight championships. He competed in the light heavyweight weight class in the 2011 NPC Championships. He finished 4th in the competition which is not bad. In addition, he also owns a training center named ‘Rienzi Strength and Conditioning.’ This business is located in Sunrise, Florida. He has trained many famous people in his impressive conditioning house. Recently, Dave took part in IFBB, and this time he finished third in the competition.

Dwayne Johnson is his favorite Client

Among all the customers and clients that Dave handles, Dwayne is his favorite. Johnson frequently visits Dave’s Gym and they even work out together. They also promoted the Hercules Workout Program which is quite intense. They followed this program to make Dwayne ready for movies such as Hercules. Dwayne went to train with Dave for more than 3 years and they together founded a production house as well.

Dave has a ripped body


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This is quite obvious. Being a gym freak and a fitness expert, Dave has an incredible body. His measurements are perfect. He has abs, six-packs, great chest, biceps, triceps, you name it! Ripped to the bones!  Also, his height is 6 ft and he weighs around 120 Kg which is huge. His waist measures 22 and his hips are 34 inches.

Dave is quite active on Social Media

Dave has a really strong following on social media and he is active there in a strong manner. He shares different photos of him and his gym on his Instagram. He is also quite there in Twitter. On his Instagram, he has more than 100,000 followers and the same goes for Twitter.

Awards and Net Worth

It might be surprising that Dave has not really gotten any awards till now. But he did have a chance to attend the Golden Globe Awards. He went with Dwayne to the show actually.

So, how much is Dave worth then? Well, he has made around one to five million dollars (give or take).  He made this from his gym and he lives a pretty luxurious life. We can assume that in the coming years, his net worth will definitely increase ten folds.

Dave married Dwayne’s Ex-Wife

Let’s talk about Dave’s married life now. He married Dany Garcia on the 29th of March in 2014. Dany is a media personality and an entrepreneur. The two got married in Orlando, Florida.

The funniest thing is, Dany is the ex-wife of Dwayne Johnson. And because of this reason, the marriage between Dany and Dave was a headline! Many news portals covered it.

But it was way after Dwayne and Dany’s marriage that Dave married Dany. The thing is, Dwayne and Dany got married in 1997 and they got divorced in 2008. They have a daughter together named Simone too. Simone was born in the August of 2001.

Anyway, after the two got separated, Dwayne started dating Lauren Hashain and Dany started dating Dave Rienzi, But despite Dave marrying his ex-wife, Dwayne is still friends with Dave. They started dating way after their divorce so, Dwayne has nothing against Dave.

But who exactly is Dany Garcia? Well, Dany herself is one of the best bodybuilders in America. She is a very talented woman who is a producer, businesswoman as well as a manager. In addition to this, she is the CEO of Garcia Companies and Seven Bucks Productions. She also used to manage her ex-husband Dwayne when they were together.

Rumors about his Marriage

It was rumored that after Dave married Dany, the relationship between him and Dwayne turned sour. This rumor has no basis though and it is a completely false rumor. On the contrary, Dave and Dwayne have never been on better terms with each other. They are still friends and enjoy each other’s company to the full extent.

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