Who is Darcey Silva’s Ex-Husband, Frank Bollok?

Frank Bollok

If your know the famous American Television personality, actress, businesswoman, and fashion designer Darcey Silva; you must have heard about Frank Bollok. Although Frank himself is a successful businessman, he became popular for being known as the ex-husband of Darcey.

Even though there is not a lot of information about Frank out there, we’ve been able to collect some interesting things about his past, his career, personal life, and his net worth. So, if you’re interested, continue reading!

Who is Frank Bollok?

Frank Bollok was born in the year 1975. Born in the United States of America, he belongs to a family of successful business people. According to various sources, he belongs to mixed ethnicity. Some sources claim he has a Hungarian background.

His father was a business person while his mother took care of the house. While he has not shared a lot of information about his parents, we do know that his father was his source of inspiration.

Frank Bollok Career

As per a few sources, Frank completed his education at Hunter College. Later he joined a real estate firm called Douglas Elliman.

Frank was very close to his father and wanted to become a successful businessman just like him. So, from an early point in his career, he tried multiple businesses including real estate.

Amidst all this, Frank was also seen showing his rapping skills in a small part of The Twin Life’s; a show about the twin Silva sisters.

Personal Life & Relationship

Like we mentioned earlier, Frank created a buzz in the media due to his ex-wife Darcey Silva. It is rumored that they began dating right after they met each other for the first time. It was instant attraction and the two hit it off quite well.

Darcey and Frank enjoyed each other’s company and started to become more serious about their relationship. Later, both of them decided to get married.  However, they were quite private about this decision and wanted to keep their marriage a secret. That is why there is little to no information about how it went.

Frank and Darcey have two children and both of them are daughters; Aniko Bollok and Aspen Bollok. They’re also famous social media personalities and have a nice follower base.

Sadly they got divorced after some years of their marriage life. The reason why their marriage was unsuccessful is still unknown. However, Darcey in an interview stated that she and Frank felt apart from each other. They wanted to find soulmates and the divorce was a mutual decision.

After the divorce Frank married Kristell Mapelli, they both got married in April 2019. Many sources said that Kristell Mapelli and Frank Bollok do not have any children by now.

Frank Bollok’s Net Worth

Frank Bollok is a successful businessman and he also makes quite a fortune.

Although most of us only know him as the ex-husband of Darcey Silva; he was already a well-known name in his business world. His net worth is a whopping $500,000 and he made it all through his hard work and patience.

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