Who Is Anson Mount Wife, Darah Trang?

Darah Trang

Darah Trang is famous after being married to Hollywood actor Anson Mount. Many people hard struggle to climb their success ladder but only a few make it.

But in the case of Darah Trang, she came into the spotlight due to her husband. Her husband is a very famous American actor and known for his best work in AMC Western drama series named “Hell on wheels” and Black Bolt in Marvel’s Inhumans also Captain Christopher Pike role in Star Trek: Discovery.

Darah was born in St. Paul, Alberta in Canada. There is a lack of information about her date of birth and childhood life. But we found that she spent her sweet time in Canada before moving to the USA for better opportunities.

She studied her art education at Alberta College of Arts & Design before she moved to the School of Visual Arts in New York, United States of America.

Trang is now a professional photographer and she has worked with various studios and worked on many world-class ceremonies in her career time.

Before working on photography she worked as a financial officer for many Canadian companies. Darah is a hard-working girl and worked in various sectors before she pursue her main goal.

Anson and Darah Relationship

Darah is a gorgeous lady, who also deeply loves her husband Anson Mount. It’s amazing to see some great actors love and marry some girl who is unknown to the world.

They both met before 2011 and dated for some time before tying the knot. Many sources claim that they dated for around 6 years and finally got engaged on June 8, 2017, and married on February 20, 2018.

They were also found in a New York Club named Jazz Smalls, after 4 months of their marriage.

They Don’t Have Children but Three Dogs

This couple doesn’t have any children by now but they are parents of three dogs. They keep sharing a couple of pictures with the dogs on Instagram.

And their three dogs’ name is Jax, Lou, and Mac. They are also actively involved in fundraising campaigns to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey using their personal Facebook accounts.

Tran’s husband has dated many famous actresses

Before Anson married Tran, he was in a relationship with many famous Hollywood actresses. Once, he was spotted dating Chinese actress Wen Yi but, the news of their relationship rarely caught the eye of some media houses. Both of them also never revealed anything about their relationship to the public.

Anson Mount was in a relationship with an Irish actress named Dominique McElligott, who has also played a role in a movie named Hell On Wheels. With this much relationship, Mount was still not successful in his love life and give another try to a Dutch actress, Famke Janssen.

Famke was his final try before he finally found the love of his life, Darah Tran.

Darah Tran’s has unique hobbies

It was found that Darah is in love with many unique hobbies including beekeeping and poultry, she even has a certificate in beekeeping. Looks like she loves honey more than anything else.

If you check out her Instagram account you will surely find many photos of her doing honey farming. Besides, this as we say she is also in love with poultry farming and now days couple can be seen being busy with these stuff.

Darah Tran Net Worth

We don’t have exact data about her net worth but it is estimated that she has an estimated $300,000 a net worth. While her husband Anson Mount shares around $3 Million as his net worth.

Darah has an Instagram account with over more than 6k followers and she shares her family as well as her husband’s photos on her profile frequently. You can always check her Instagram profile to know what is she on to and what is she doing these days as well.

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