All About Gilbert Gottfried’s Wife – Dara Kravitz (Biography)

Dara Kravitz
Date of Birth February 24, 1970
Profession Music Director
Husband Gilbert Gottfried
Net Worth $1 million

Dara Kravitz is widely known due to being wife of world famous comedian, Gilbert Gottfried. He is well recognized comedian on entertainment industry and also worked in many blockbuster movies.

Not just comedian he is also voice actor. We all know Dara Kravitz or Dara Gottfried due to her husband but she is also popular lady on her career. She is run one of the successful film and music producing business.

So, lets learn about her career, relationship, net worth and more information about her life below.

Who is Dara Kravitz?

Dara was born on February 24, 1970. Her birth place was in Miami, Florida. We also found that she has one sister on her family.

Her father name is Stephen Myron Kravitz and her mother name is Heather S. Sokuvitz. They are the happy famiy of four.

Education and Career

There is lack of very true and detailed information about her past, but we got to know that she spent her early child life on Miami.

She also completed her college degree before she came into record promotion business in music industry. Her first career on music industry started as a intern in Atco Records which is located in New York.

Working on Atco Records in 1990, later she joined a company and that was also record label company and it’s name was Geffen Records.

But in year 2000, Dara Kravitz joined MCA Records, where she learned a more information about music industry and climbed a ladder to becoming MCA national director of promotion.

How She Met Gilbert Gottfried

Their story is very interesting about how they got into relationship. When they both were presented on Grammy Award and it was time of 1997.

What happened was, on party Dara drop some of the food mistakenly off the plate and on the table and seeing this, Gilbert picked up the food quickly and put them on plate.

This scene was very impressive to Dara and it makes her feel him so cute or adorable after that they started their relationship journey.

They date with each other for some time and finally tying their knot on February 3, 2007. After, that there is no looking back and now they also welcomed two children a daughter and a son.

Her daughter name is Lily Aster and she was born in 2007. Whereas, her son name is Max Aaron and he was born in 2009.

Featured on Celebrity Wife Swap

Dara Kravitz along with her husband has also featured on episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap“. This show was released on 2012 and it has a four seasons.

In this show she and her husband resides on one small apartment in Manhattan and need to survive over their with very small budget.

This show also added more fame on this couple because, this show was hit and did well among the watchers.

In this show there is one rich couple and another is poor, where they will do wife swap. Anyway, it is  comedy show.

Podcast Production

Dara has also produced a pod cast with the name of Gilbert Gottfried’s colossal podcast, which also won as the best podcast in the year 2015.

In this podcast over 200 guest has already made their appearances and still more coming on for the show.

This is very successful podcast which has got more than 1 million listeners from around the world.

Dara Kravitz Net Worth

Dara Kravitz has net worth of around $1 million. And she made her net worth from her career on music industry.

And she also made her worth from film career as well. She and her husband made career working together.

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