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Little Richard’s Son, Danny Jones Penniman (Adopted)



Danny Jones Penniman

Danny Jones Penniman is a rapper from America. He is known as  the adopted son of Little Richard. Little Richard is known as the the founding father of rock and roll. Richards adopted Danny with his ex-wife Ernestine Harvin.

The now dead, Little Richard was actually found dead on 9th may 2020. He was dead on Saturday and Danny was the one to confirm his father’s death.

He did it via Social media. Richard died at the age of 87. It is said that little Richard died cos of Bone Cancer. In the years before his death, Lil Richard was still performing as a musician

Is Little Richard son adopted? Yes, Danny Penniman is adopted son of Little Richard.

Who is Danny Penniman?

Date of Birth 1959
Famous As Adopted Son
Martial Status Single
Father Little Richard

Danny was born in the year 1959. He was born in the USA. He was orphan when both of his biological mother as well as father died.

Who is Danny Penniman’s mother? His biological mother was a church associate. Richard and Ernestine got married in 1959 and they got divorced 2 years later. Danny was in the first year of college when they got married. After the divorce, it was Richard who took the responsibility to raise Danny.

Danny completed high school from a local high school but the exact name of it is not there on the internet. It is known that Danny was interested in sports during his high school days. He had a special love for football.

Danny has really maintained a low profile when it comes to his private life. But our guess is that he is single. Although, we can’t be sure about it. He might be hiding his loved one.

Who is Danny Jones Penniman’s Father?

The name of Danny’s father is Richard Wayne Penniman. His stage name is Little Richard. He was very famous for being a really big influence in the early days of rock and roll.

He was an American singer, songwriter and a top level musician. His influence can be seen in the pop culture today. He has inspired many singers to day and he even has a big influence other genres as well.

Man jazz, country and even Hip-hop musician cite Little Richard as a source of inspiration. Sadly, Richard was found dead on May 9, 2020.  He lived a full time till 87 years of age.

Danny shared this news to the world via his social media. The cause of death was basically bone cancer. This devastated him when he heard the news but he was pretty strong later.

But before 2013, Richard also suffered a hear attack. He was sick for more than two months and he finally died in his home at Tennessee.

Danny Penniman’s Career

Just like his father, Danny also has a big interest in Music. He also aims to keep the legacy of his father intact.

His keen interest in music started from his childhood so, he decided to build a career in it. Danny is a pretty famous musician himself. He is a rapper but the information about his works are not really available. Danny might be working on his debut project as we speak. It can take years to make a full fledged album or even an impressive mixtape. We just hope he is doing okay and getting everything he deserves.

He has done various performances on stage but his music is not really out. He just came to the spotlight for being the son of the late great Little Richard. While his career hasn’t really taken off like we would have hoped, he has made a significant earning from it and continues to make a killing off his incredible career.

Social Media

Danny Penniman’s social media is quite public. While his posts are not that frequent, he has managed to gain a really impressive fanbase in the social sites. He is mainly active in sites like Instagram where he shares some facets of his life.

Social Media is also a form of revenue stream for Danny. He constantly promotes brands on his profile.

Danny Penniman Net Worth

We don’t really have an idea about Danny’s net worth.

What is Little Richards net worth? We do know that his father was worth more than $40 Million.

So, Danny should also have a net worth of around that as well. He did inherit most of his dad’s money so, he definitely has a really lavish lifestyle.

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