Who is Daniel Dae Kim’s Wife, Mia Kim?

Mia Kim with daniel kim

Mia Kim is a professional graphic designer by profession but she grabbed huge attention as the wife of Daniel Dae Kim. Daniel is an actor known for playing the role of Jin-Soo Kwon in the series Lost. MIa’s husband was born in Korea but he moved to the United States later on.  Mia herself has Asian roots. So, what is she doing right now? And where she was born? How did she get into graphics designing? Who are her parents? We are going to be covering everything here. So, let us begin!

How old is Mia Kim?

Mia Kim is aged 55 as of the year 2021. Her birth year was in 15th of March, 1993. In terms of ethnicity, she is an Asian American and she belongs to American Nationality. Moving on to her education, Mia graduated from Smith College with a degree in arts. She went to Northampton for her studies. Her husband, on the other hand, went to Haverford College and did his bachelor’s in Theater as well as Political Science.

Kim was born to the parents Dr. Chong Heon Rhee and Youngsil. Her father is a native of Easton, Conn. He was a pulmonary specialist and used to work at Bridgeport Hospital. Her mother, on the other hand, died years before Kim’s marriage to Daniel.

Kim’s Graphic Designing Career

As we mentioned, Kim is a graphic designer who spent most of her career working in Manhattan, New York. She used to work for Springer-Verlag in New York.

Her husband, on the other hand, has a really nice acting career. Daniel began acting by playing the role in various small TV programs, His first credits are included in series like Law and Morder, All-American Girl, and Unsolved Mysteries. But he gained popularity once he started playing the role of Jin-Soo Kwon in the ABC series Lost.

Back in the day, Lost was quite a hit and this made Daniel quite famous in America. He appeared on this show along with the star cast of Naveen Andrewes and Matthew Fox. The show ran from 2004 to 2010 and was prime television of its time.

Kim has also acted in a number of acclaimed TV series such as Once Upon a Time, The Legend of Korra, and many more. She also plays the role of Dr. Cassian Shin on the NBC series named New Amsterdam.

Mia has also had a part in movies like Cradle 2 the Grave, Spider-Man 2, and a lot many. She is quite an actress herself, to be honest!

Mia Kim and Daniel Dae Kim’s Relationship

Mia Kim got married to Daniel Dae on the 12th of June in 1993. The New York Times reported their wedding ceremony. It took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Fairfield, Connecticut. An Episcopal minister officiated their wedding. Ki Chun Lee was the minister. The pair have been married for more than 28 years now which is a big deal in Hollywood. They have had quite a relationship over these years and they are It’s been over 28-year that Mia and Daniel have been shared the same marital bliss and their relationship is still going strong.

Mia has two Children

Daniel and Kim’s first child is Zander Kim. He was born in 1996. The couple had their second son Jackson who was born 6 years after in 2002. The parents sent their eldest son Zander to Punahou School. After school, he got into Brown University where he studied English Non-Fiction. Jackson, on the other hand, is a New York University graduate. Jackson was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Both of the children are grown up now and they both have stable jobs and ways to support themselves.

What is Mia Kim Net Worth?

If we go by the rumors, Mia has an estimated net worth of $300,000 as of the year 2021. Her husband, Daniel, on the other hand, has a net worth that exceeds $10 million dollars. She lives in NW right now with her husband and her children. The family also spends their time living in LA.

Social Media Presence

Kim is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook. She has posted a lot of photos on her account and she does brand endorsements through her social media as well. But her Instagram is quite private. She has posted a lot of pictures on her Instagram though!

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