Dan Katz’s Wife: Is He Married? (Big Cat Facts)

Dan Katz

Dan Katz also known as Big Cat is well known among the fans for being the co-host of the podcast titled Pardon My Take. You can check their pod cast which also get released about three times a week. While Dan does talk  a lot about Sports in this podcast, he also does some comedy here and rarely speaks about some other topics.

Podcasts are generally meant for speaking freely about different topics. A host and the guest can talk about a lot of things about their lives in a podcast.

Dan thinks that in America you can share opinion, but it also comes with lots of criticism so he think USA is not a best place to share opinion.
Anyway, today we are going to be looking at Dan Katz’s life, relationships, career and more. So, let us get started.

Who is Dan Katz?

Dan Katz was born on Jan 30 in the United States of America in 1985. He is currently 34 years old. He is American by birth but we don’t have any idea about his ethnicity.
Dan is Aquarius by birth. We don’t have any information about his parents, siblings and early life. As far educational background goes, we know Dan has passed high school but there is no information about which college he went to.

Dan has an average height. His eyes are dark brown and his hair is brown. Other details about his body is not known currently.

Dan is very much active on social media though. He has got Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. He has more than 700K followers on his Twitter as well.


Dan has a very private personal life but we know that he has been in a relation with his girlfriend for a very long time. We don’t really know the name though but his fans call his girlfriend ‘lady cat.’

This is a good name for Dan’s girlfriend because Dan’s nickname is ‘Cat.’ Some fans even say that Dan has already married his girlfriend and he is keeping it a secret. This rumor came from his fans on Reddit.

This also adds to the fact that Dan is quite secret about his whole personal life. Dan doesn’t like to mix his personal as well as professional life so, he always try to keep his life separate. The blogger is quite happy with his life though if we have to judge his social media.

Does Dan have a kid?

In the march of 2019, Dan shared a tweet where he said that his girlfriend and him are expecting to have their first child soon. In the same tweet, he also mentioned that he will become a father in the coming month of  June and he even shared an article which he wrote. The article said how Dan always wants to keep his life private. But he did reveal that the pair were having a baby boy.

And they did have a boy, their son was born on the 19th of June in 2019.

He also made announcement about his kid from his official twitter account where he also add a photo of his son’s just after taking a birth along with the birth certificate.

After announcing the child, he did not take any further questions though.

He wrote on twitter, ““I won’t be sharing much more than this right here. I won’t be making content out of my child’s birth or upbringing. There is no right or wrong approach to this, just a personal one.”

He clarified his statement by requesting his fans to respect his privacy. he added, “I want to give my future son the most normal upbringing possible and that includes not putting his childhood on the internet for the world to watch. That’s my personal choice and I hope you can understand.”

Dan also wants to keep his partner away from Spotlight. He wants her to remain a secret so that she doesn’t have to face his problems.

He wrote in his article, “She supports me through everything, the trips, the long nights at the office, moving from Chicago to NYC, the 24/7 sports, she has had my back through ups and downs and all I want to do is have hers in the same way, and that’s by protecting her and hoping you guys can do the same.”

Net Worth

Katz has done well for himself as a podcaster. His work is valued by all his followers. Beside this, he also has a good writing skill from his show “The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston.”

Dan Katz first job was a web recording host and at that time he was working for Barstool Sports and from there he started to earn a massive fame as Big Cat and Pardon My Take commenter host. He also authored scenes in the Barstoon Rundown show. He showed up to Sat Football Talk Live and SportCenter as well. These are all very high profile shows in America.

Katz has also had the number 1 sports webcast show in iTunes. Because of all these success under his belt, Katz has had a really great career and earns pretty well too.

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