Who is Damon Wayans Jr.’s Wife, Samara Saraiva?

Samara Saraiva

Samara Saravia is said to be one of the most humble person who came into the limelight after marrying well-known actor Damon Wayans Jr. but even after she came to the limelight she does not appear in media much as she likes to keep her life private.

Her husband has worked in several successful movies and television shows like Happy Endings, Let’s Be Cops, New Girl, Happy Together, How to be Single, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, The Other Guys, Big Hero 6, and many others. His roles in Happy Endings and Happy Together took his career to its peak.

Love and Marriage

Samara was born in America in around the 1980s as per the reports. There is no information on how the two met but after they met they fall in love with each other and started dating and after two years of dating they got married in 2016. They are really happy with each other, they don’t have any children.

Samara was first introduced by her husband at the premiere of Let’ Be Cops which left everyone shock as well as happy. They spend quality time with each other by going on a date, vacations, and long romantic drives.

Samara is not Damon’s First Wife

Before Damon married Samara, he was married to Aja Metoyer his ex-girlfriend. Damon and Aja even have two children. As Damon married Samara his former wife is also married to the NBA star Dwyane Wade.

After the divorce, Damon wanted the custody of his two daughters as Aja was not taking care of their daughters well so he applied for the custody of his daughters Amara Wayans and Aniya Wayans, and throughout all this Samara supported her husband which is the reason she is also called the backbone of her husband Damon Waynas Jr.

Reason Damon Applied for Full Custody of His Children

Damon Wayans Jr. and Samara Saraiva

As mentioned above Damon wanted the full custody of his two daughters as Aja was not taking care of them well. As per the reports, Aja was not taking their education seriously and was even spending child support money on herself.

Aja even took one of her daughters on a cruise trip while she was supposed to be in school which is why she was even left behind by her classmates. On the other hand, Damon was really serious about his daughters so he decided to apply for full custody of his daughters. He even said that As a result of their mother’s inability to prioritize their education, they are “suffering scholastically.”

Funny Family Secret

As Damon’s father Damon Wayans Sr. is a professional stand-up comedian, in his stand-up videos he often brings about his family and especially his son Damon Wayans Jr. His father used to roast him a lot and he even used a joke that Jr. would mas******* using spaghetti so when he would try to date some woman, they would immediately recognize him and ask aren’t you the guy who mas******** using spaghetti, Damon Jr. said in an interview with team coco.

Her Husband Loves Doing Interviews

Damon loves being in an interview as we can see him in many interviews. In an interview with Damon and Max Greenfield, they tested their relation by asking questions to each other and writing answers on the cardboard.

There was a question stating who would be a cleaner roommate then Max answered it would be Damon as he smells like strawberry and Damon also replied that he certainly would as he has (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Saraiva is a Step-Mother of Davan’s Two Daughters

As mentioned above Damon has two daughters with his former wife and Sariva does not have any children but she is a very loving and supportive wife and stepmother of Damon and his children. Their bond is so strong that people say it’s purely rare.

Do they have any children?

Damon Wayans Jr. and wife Samara Saraiva has a son child. Samar made announcement about their baby through posting the photo of their baby on Facebook account on June 2013. There are many photos posted by Samar about her kid and by now the couple is living in Los Angeles, California.

Besides, this kid Samar husband Damon has two children from his previous relation with reality TV star Aja Metoyer. This couple has a two daughter from the relationship and their name is Aniya and Amara Wayans.

There is no any information about them and how they first meet or anything related to them but by now they are already separated. The court declared the joint custody in 2018 for the daughters. After the breakup Damon began to date with Dwyane Wade who is also a basketball player from their relationship they have a son Xavier Zechariah Wade who was born in 2013.

How Much Does She Earn?

As there is no information about her personal life we also don’t know about her salary or net worth, but on the other hand her husband Damon has worked in many successful movies and has earned himself a name, fame, and fortune. Few of his movies and television shows are BlankMan, The Last Boy Scout, Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, Someone Marry Barry, Super Troopers 2, The Underground, Long Weekend, and many more.

As he have played or worked many successful movies he has earned himself a very good amount of money and his net worth is said to be $9 million approximately.

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