Who Is Kyla Wayans? About Damon Wayans Youngest Daughter

Kyla Wayans

If you are a fan of American Comedies, you might remember Damon Wayans. He is pretty famous for having a wide recognition as a popular comedian and an actor. Kyla Wayans is actually the child of Damon Wayans. She is famous for being a star kid but she has her own identity as well. Kyla is also an actress and she has appeared in a sitcom along with her father. Today, we are going to be taking a look at some of the best facts about Kyla Wayans and see what the actresses’ real life is like. So, let us get started.

Childhood and Birth


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Kyla Wayans was born in the year 1991 in the USA as the youngest child of Damon Wayans. Her mother is Lisa Thorner. Not much is known about her childhood as the star kid was raised in private by the family. She is also quite private so, we haven’t seen her talk about her Childhood much but we think that she had a very privileged childhood thanks to having Damon as her father.

Parents’ Divorce

As we mentioned, Kyla’s Parents are Damon and Lisa. The two got divorced when  Kayla was jus a 9 year old kid (in around 2000). The couple actually filed for divorced mutually and they cited having differences as the reason for the divorce. The divorce was finalized and then they separated. They have been living separately since. After the divorce, Lisa started living in her Beverly Hills home in California along with her children.  Similarly, Damon moved to Santa Monica, California.



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Kyla has three elder siblings. Het two brothers are Michael Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr and her sister is Cara Mia Wayans. Her siblings are all actors and are extroverts that make public appearances but Kyla does not. 

Her oldest brother is 37, Michael and Cara are 35 and 33 respectively. Just like her father, Her elder brothers are both actors. Damon started his career in 1994 when he played a role in Blankman. Since then, he has done more than 12 movies and made many TV appearances. If we take a took at his body of work, some of the movies that stand out include Dance Flick, Someone Marry Barry, How to be Single and more. His next movie is the film titled Barb which will come out in 2021.

Michael and Cara are also actors and they have appeared in Blankman, Dance Flick and My Wife and Kids along with their brother Damon.

So, Is everyone in the Wayans family in the entertainment industry? Actually, Yes! The Wayans family is an American entertainment industry family that has a lot of members. They have screenwriters, comedians actors in the family. Some great projects that the family has done are In living Color, White Chicks, My Wife and Kids and more.


Kyla is also an actress like her brothers. She did TV debut in an episode of the 2001 TV series My Wife and Kids. She did the role of Nicole in the show with her brothers and Uncle. Yes, Kyla’s uncle is Keened Wayans who is also a pretty solid actor in his own way! But after this her career has been quite on the downside, we haven’t really seen her act in anything. Kyla has also remained under the media radar for a long time now and we have no idea where she is or what she is doing right now.


As far as relationships go, Kyla is quite private. Nothing is there on her social media and since she doesn’t go out that much, not many people have spot her with someone else. One thing we do know is that she is not married yet. As far as her current boyfriend situation goes, we frankly don’t know. She is just 29 years old though so, she could be pretty much single right now. She might talk about her love life and relationships pretty soon but now everything is private.

Net Worth

While we don’t know the exact situation of Kyla’s work but we do know how much she is worth. Her total net worth is around $500,000 and this is the result of her successful acting career. Her whole family, on the other hand, is worth in the millions as there are a lot of people in her family who are in the entertainment industry.

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