Who is Damian Hurley? Is He Gay?

Damian Hurley

Damian Hurley is the son of veteran actress Elizabeth Hurley. Damian’s mother, Elizabeth, was an actress who became famous for her roles in “Austin Powers,” “Bedazzled,” and “The Royals.” She also worked as a model and had many high-profile relationships with celebrities like Hugh Grant.

Damian grew up surrounded by Hollywood glamour, but he never wanted to be an actor or model like his mom. Instead, he found success as a designer at Calvin Klein before moving on to Ralph Lauren. Today Damian owns several fashion lines that have made him one of the richest people under 40!

He’s an up-and-coming designer, actor, and a model but what many don’t know about him is that he’s gay! Is Damian Hurley gay? Yes, it turns out he is openly gay. Let’s explore his relationships with other men as well as his career to see how being openly gay has impacted Damian hurleys life.

What was Damian Hurley’s childhood like?

Damian’s father was a British aristocrat and Damian grew up in some of the most lavish homes before moving to Los Angeles. His mother eventually divorced his father, but they came back together when Damian had an illness as a child.

As one might imagine from reading this biography of Damian Hurley, he never wanted to be an actor or model like his mother. Damian was a student at Stanford when he interned for Calvin Klein and quickly became one of the youngest designers there. Eventually, Damian left in search of more creative freedom from Ralph Lauren.

Today Damian owns several fashion lines that have made him wildly successful with a net worth over $100 million!

Is Damian Hurley Gay?


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Damian Hurley is a bisexual. He dresses like a woman but his sexual orientation goes both ways. He even has a girlfriend right now which is a really cool thing, to be honest!

Damian Hurley is currently dating Australian model and actress, Jessica Gomes. The two are spotted together at a MotoGP event in 2015. Damian is now living with his girlfriend of one year in the USA for six months out of each year while she works on her career as an actress.

Damian Hurley’s Short TV Career

Damian Hurley started his career in TV at the young age of 13. This was when he landed his very first modeling job with Pink House Mustique in 2015.

In 2012, he played a minor role in the Australian Soap opera “Neighbors” which airs weekly.

His breakout role was when he played Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in the E! television series “The Royals” which stars his mother as the Queen of England. Damian played a reality TV star in the December 2016 episode of “The Royals” i.e. “Aye, There’s the Rub”.

He also re-did his role in an episode of “My News Shall Be the Fruit to That Great Feast”. Furthermore, Damian was also signed by model agency Tess Management in September 2018.

Damian’s Fashion Career

Damian Hurley started his career as a designer and had a net worth of $35 million by the age of 23. Damian Hurley is an international celebrity designer who regularly appears on popular television shows such as Project Runway, The Face, and fashion weeks around the world.  He has been featured in Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar Japan, L’Oreal Paris, and more

Damian Hurley has been appointed “the youngest art director ever to work for a major fashion brand” by the age of 17 years old. In 2017 Damian Hurley co-founded with his sister Claretta Crips ‘Hurley By Hurley,’ which is an activewear line that aims to make elegant, functional clothing for active lifestyles

When did Damian Hurley come out?

Damian Hurley came out of the closet to his parents in 1997 when he was in college. He went to Standford and it was during this time that he decided to openly admit that he was gay. When Damian Hurley came out to his parents they didn’t accept it as much as he had hoped for them to but eventually got over it.

Hurley is a nice and handsome guy with a height of 6 ft 1 inch and weighs 70Kg. Talking about his body we can say his measurements are 40-32-34 inches.

With tall height and fair weight his shoe size is 8 and has a Gray eye color with brown Hair color.

Net Worth

Damian has a net worth of around $500K and he makes around $100K to $150K in salary. He has many brand deals, profits from fashion lines, and television appearances that contribute to his net worth. Besides, this his mother is rich and she has a net worth estimated at $50 million including a luxury mansion in London.

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