Who Is Dale Moss’s Girlfriend? About His Love Life

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley

Recently Dale Moss has been trending on social media as he has been spotted with a girl. Fans have already started to speculate that he is probably in a relationship with someone new because it has already been almost one year since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Clare Crawley. Who is this new girl?

Let’s find out after we review how Dale’s relationship ended with Clare.

Dale Moss’s relationship with Clare Crawley

The two of them had met each other at the Bachelorette. They had developed an instant connection upon meeting and they fell head over heels for each other within 12 days of shooting. Both of them left the show together and decided to get engaged.

Their relationship was soo close that they were even planning to tie the knot. Unfortunately, they were not fated to be together as their relationship didn’t last long and they decided to walk on separate paths in life.

Lots of fans were shocked to hear the news about their breakup as they were always interested to see them together. They were also one of the fan-favorite couples from the show and people used to adore them soo much.

They couldn’t be together even though they were soo deeply in love with each other. Sadly, they had to part ways last year in January and their relationship was over. They seemed to have rekindled their romance after a month but they couldn’t patch things up and they decided to split their ways for good.

After almost one year of his breakup with Clare Crawley, Dale Moss finally seems to have moved on and started to date his new girlfriend. Thus, they are currently trending on social media and have been making juicy headlines. Are you interested to know who he was spotted with and who is his new girlfriend?

If you are then you are probably in the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about his new girlfriend in this article.

Dale Moss’s new girlfriend

It has been revealed that Dale Moss’s new girlfriend is no other than Galey Alix. The couple was seen together at Moss’s Ted Talks earlier in May. They appeared to be very comfortable with each other and their romance has become the talk of interest for the fans.

Galey is well educated as she has graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida. She is a Florida Native who serves as the Vice President and Regional Director for Goldman Sachs Asset Management. She is also a professional interior designer and is currently pursuing interior design projects.

Additionally, she also worked as a videographer and she documents her interior projects via her own website and social media pages, mainly renovating rooms in clients’ homes and apartments throughout Florida.

Talking about how she got involved in interior design, she did an interview with the University of Florida’s alumni magazine in May 2021. She said, “I felt like my world had been rocked. I picked myself up, not just by going to therapy but also because I was surrounded by a village of people who kept telling me, ‘This will all make sense someday.’ That’s when I realized I had to give my pain a purpose.”

Dale Moss and Galey Alix

Unfortunately, not much is known about Dale Moss’s beau at the moment. However, she seems to be a very creative person and she is also very active on social media. She has an enormous fan following and she frequently shows off her love of four-legged friends on social media. The two seem to be enjoying their lives to the fullest at the moment. However, nobody knows how the two met or fell in love with one another.

Moss was often spotted with the Model Florencia Glaraza, four months after his breakup with Crawley. They were seen walking hand in hand in the Big Apple. At that time, Moss wore a Burberry button-up shirt and both of them were dressed down in all-black ensembles.

Apparently, Moss had met Glaraza for the first time during the filming of ABC’s “Dating”. Since then fans have been speculating that they had something going on between them. However, it seems that they were not in a relationship as he is currently dating Galey Alix.

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