Who is Hot Model Crystal Westbrooks?

crystal westbrooks

Crystal Westbrooks is a quite popular American internet celebrity, model, and actress.  She first made her Reality TV appearance in the series titled  The Westbrooks. Since then, she has been quite popular. So, What is her life like? Let us find out!

Early Life and Childhood

Crystal Westbrooks was born in the year 1993, this makes her 28 years old as of 2021. Her birthdate is the 6th of March, which means she is a Pisces. Westbrooks was born in the state of Florida to parents Warren and Candice Westbrooks. Her parents own the cigar and landscaping company named Royal Blunts.

Crystal grew up with a total of six siblings. She has two brothers and four sisters in total. Her brothers are Pop and Blake Westbrook. Her sister’s names are Brooke, Morgan, and Bree (all three of them are her older sisters). She also has a younger sister named India who is currently quite famous on the Internet.

In terms of ancestry, Crystal belongs to a rather mixed one. She has mixed ancestry and has American, African-American, Mexican, and Creole roots. While Crystal was born in Florida, she actually grew up in the city of Compton in LA, California.

Where did Crystal Westbrooks go to school?

Moving on to Crystal Westbrooks’ educational background, for school she went to Ambler Avenue Elementary School in Carson. After graduating from here, she attended Santiago High School located in Corona. After finishing High School, she enrolled at Texas Southern University. In this school, she majored in business finance and earned her degree in 2016.

At school, she was called a Hippie for being a free-spirited person. She did not have an extroverted personality and he wore weird clothing too.

Crystal’s Career Started off the Internet

Crystal got her initial inspiration from the success of her younger sister India. She had just started her own internet career and launched a Tumblr account. And just like her sister, Crystal made an Instagram account. Crystal uploaded her first photo on Instagram on the 30th of August in 2013. She wore a tight white t-shirt and jeans. Crystal then gradually started to get more fan followers to her page as she kept on uploading a picture. As her notoriety increased on Instagram, brands started to flock around her, and then she made a real career out of it. She took an offer from the fashion brand Harley Dreux and then decided to be a model.

Westbrooks also became more popular then which made her get new modeling gigs. She started to be on brands such as The Queen Pegasus Makeup, Tiffany Jewels, Eburns Styling, Slender Me Medical Health Spa, and so on. She also decided to launch her own line of hair products like shampoos and conditioners. After that, she did a website where she sold affordable swimsuits. The site is called Crystal Bleus.

Her modeling career became successful because of the way she looks. Crystal has a beautiful personality with a model-like figure. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 3 inches which is equal to 1.6m. Her weight is 59 Kg. Her body measurements are 38-23-33 inches. In terms of skin tone and complexion, she has light brown hair and a pair of brown eyes. She regularly exercises to keep her body quite fit and healthy.

Is Crystal Westbrooks in a relationship?

Yes. Crystal Westbrook is actually in a relationship right now. The proof is on her Instagram! She is actually dating the rapper named Steven Russell. While she has not confirmed the relationship, it is quite obvious if you properly take a look at her Instagram profile!

She is also quite focused on her career as of now. Recently, she was in a relationship with Drake too. This relationship created a fight with her younger sister as Drake and India also used to date. Crazy, right?

The idea that her older sister is dating her ex-boyfriend did not sit well with India. The two sisters even had a Twitter beef which was quite entertaining, to be honest. The fight is over now and the two are cool with each other.

Crystal Westbrook’s Net worth and Social Media

In terms of making money, Crystal Westbrooks is quite good. She is one of the many popular siblings of the Westbrooks family. She has got a very good fashion sense and has done modeling from multiple brands. Crystal also owns her own hair product lineup. Because of all of these things, Crystal has earned a decent sum of money.

She made all of her money by being a big Social Media personality. Westbrooks is famous in multiple sites and her Instagram is quite attractive. She has made her handle popular and it has more than 1.2 million followers. Her Twitter account is also quite great with around 50K followers. Her handle is @westbrooks.crystal. You should check it out if you haven’t!

She lives quite a lavish lifestyle and handles her finance from her own source of income. Her estimated net worth is around $1 million. Her assets will definitely be higher in the coming years. We hope that her career gets even bigger.

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