Who is Coi Leray Boyfriend Rapper Pressa?

Coi Leray

Coi Leray faced many problems while performing at the Rolling Loud festival on 24th July  2021 at Mimi. But even if she failed to impress her audience she can rely on her boyfriend. If you are interested in her boyfriend then you are in the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about her boyfriend and her relationship. She is just 24 years old but she is already a famous rapper and has dated some guys in the past, and still being in a relationship.

She was born on 11th May 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. She is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and she started uploading her music to SoundCloud. Now let’s get to know more about her relationship and current boyfriend.

Current relationship status

She is currently in a relationship with the talented Canadian rapper who is well known as Pressa. His real name is QuintonArmani Gardner and he was born on 10th May 1996. So, according to his birth date, he is 25 years old and he belongs to Toronto, Ontario. And if you are wondering why he is called Pressa then it is simply his stage name because his real name doesn’t fit the trend of rapper’s name. He is a well-known rapper as well as composer and vocalist.

He was born to a Jamaican father and a Filipina woman. and they had a different story and not like his son’s one. When he was just an infant his father was put into prison for second-degree murder. He grew up in Toronto in the area of Driftwood in the Jane and Finch neighborhood. As his father was put to arrest, his mother took care of him and his older brother. But fate wasn’t too cruel as he got a chance to reunite with his father after 15 long years.

After that, he rose to prominence with the help of his talent and after the release of his hit single “Novacane” in 2016. Since then he has gained a lot of popularity and recognization. He had a very successful career and has amassed immense wealth as well.

Past relationships and dating rumors

Coi Laeray had been in a various relationships in the past. But every relationship she had been in he past had quickly ended so fans are hoping that heir relationships remain intact forever. If you are curious about her previous relationships then please continue to go through the article. So let’s talk about her past relationships. She was in a relationship with Trippie Redd and Blue face in the past.

Trippie Redd

Coi Laerey and Trippie Redd had been dating each other in 2019. But unfortunately their relationship culdn’t last long as they decide to end their relationship soon after. Fans were still curious to know about their relationship and their breakup story went viral on social media. The couple had to face some hardships along the way and they decided to breakup. Trippie even dedicated a song for Coii Laerey but it was too late as they had already broken up. He named the title of the song as “Leray” and the album was titled “A Love Letter to You 4”.

Through the music Trippie tried to explain how the relationship was going on and about his feelings during relationships. Th  lyrics of the songs that specifically tells about their relationship, “It was love at first sight and misery after two months/Always feeling f**ked up either by love or no love/I thought you was married to the single life”

But Coi Leray didn’t like the song and the decisions made by Trippie Redd and in an interview she told, “At first, no, I didn’t like it, it was very like, what the f*ck, because I always thought we really had something outside of the music. So I’m just like, damn. If you got something to say, let’s get together and you say that sh*t to my face… I felt like I’m being used for click bait.”


Coi Larey had been in another relationship as well with Blueface back in 2020. However, this turned out to be just a rumor as they ere spotted together at Harold’s Chicken that is in Hollywood on a launch date. But, it was revealed that Blueface had liked Coi Leray’s ear so we can assume that they were very close to one another and had a very connection between them.

Later, they were sotted kissing each other at a video as well. The video had went viral as well and lots of fans were confused about their relationship. However, neither of them have opened up about heir relationship so weather they were really dating still remains a mystery to this day. But, what we can say is that they were really close to each other and they share a special bond.

Net worth and her presence on social media Leray

It is estimated that the net worth of Coi Leray is about USD 1.5 million. She is able to earn such large sum of money through her singing career and due to her influence on sicla media.

She is quite active on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram,, and Facebook. She ha over 5.6 million followers on her Instagram account and on Facebook she has over 3.2 million followers. She also has her own YouTube channel that has over 1.18 million subscribers with almost 300 million views. The link to her respective social media handles are listed below.

Instagram: @coileray

YouTube: Coi Leray

Facebook: Coi Leray

You can also listen to her music from the link down below.

link: https://soundcloud.com/coi_leray

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