Cleo Rose Elliott Stab Her Mother Katharine Ross

cleo rose elliott

Cleo Rose Elliott is a very talented model and singer. She is a musician as well. Cleo is the daughter of actors Sam and Katherine. She grew up in Malibu and was trained early on as a singer. Growing up, she started to learn to play different instruments and even got training from hit songwriters.

Her debut album came in 2008. She worked as a model for a brief period of time. The real dark turn came in her life when she stabbed her mother and even threatened to kill her. The incident was quite a bad one and it was reported to the police as well. But now, things between the mother and daughter seem quite right. So, what’s Cleo’s life like? Let us find out in this article.

Cleo is a Malibu Native

Cleo’s parents are Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross. Both of whom are nominated for the Oscars. The two first met on the set of a film titled ‘The Legacy’ and they then began to date soon. Eventually, the two got married in 1984. Cleo was born in the year 1984 in the State of California.

She grew up learning to play instruments like flute and guitar. She also started to sing. Cleo even attended an Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California. She studied music for 4 years in college. In addition to that, she got training in classical opera training from a songwriter named Charity Chapman. Cleo also started to train under Chapman after she graduated from ‘Colin McEwan High School.’

Before that, Cleo studied at Malibu High School. She worked under Chapman who focused on Italian Opera and on Bel Canto. But despite being a very good singer, Cleo eventually became a model.

What is Cleo’s Career Like?

Cleo got her first major modeling job on a hair-style-related show. The show was titled Sexyhair and it aired in the year 2003. The show enjoyed modest success and was even featured in many fashion magazines. Cleo got a slight buzz off of it. She was even photographed in the magazine titled ‘The Malibu Times.’ This was in the year 2013. It was the same year she also got to appear on the red carpet during the Emmy Awards. This is quite a big achievement in the entertainment industry.

In terms of music, there have been many other musicians who have managed to train Cleo. She also became a solid member of ASCAP. She was introduced to ASCAP by a producer named Bobby Harby. Cleo showed Bobby her original work and he liked the composition. They began working on the song to make it a hit.

After some work, Cleo released her debut solo album which was titled ‘No More Lies.’ The album came in the year 2008. It was a success and this made Cleo a part of many other music projects. Her career as a singer and musician was cut short though.

Cleo Stabbed Her Mother at Least Half a Dozen Times

Cleo is the only child of her parents; Sam and Katherine. Her relationship with her dad is great. The two get along perfectly well. But her relationship with her mother is quite bad. It is almost abusive and violent. There is major history there. Because of this reason, she has to stay away from her mother most of the time.

As per Katharine, she was an abusive daughter and at the age of 12 or 13, Cleo became very violent. Her anger was out of control. As per Cleo mother, “[Cleo] verbally and emotionally abused me even as a little girl but became increasingly violent at age 12 or 13,

In the month of March back in 2011, her daughter lose her control and she began to murmur “I want to kill you.” Cleo even threatened her mother with a pair of scissors. She made her own mother run around the house begging for her life. Katherine even tried to call the police for help but Cleo cut the phone wires. She told Katharine that she would poke her eyes out.

But she just stabbed her mother’s right arm six times. Katharine still remembers “[Cleo stabbed] using enough force to pierce my skin through my shirt and leave me with marks that are still visible today,”

Eventually, though, Katharine filed the police complaint and was granted a protective order. Cleo was also ordered to stay away from her mother. Katharine was incredibly scared because of her daughter’s act and she had to be accompanied by a police officer to collect her stuff from the house. She later said that Cleo had shown verbal and physical violence against her earlier as well (when she was a teenager).

The family members had not revealed anything about this violent behavior of Cleo though. They were trying to protect their family member.

Their Improving Relationship

By now Cleo is already 36 years old and her mother old, remembering the past both of them had unforgettable and extremely rough days.

These days we can also see both of them together at some events and award shows, these can be the sign of their relationship is better than past.

In 2017, once again both of them were spotted at Sundance Flim Festival’s red carpet event for the movie The Hero, in the event interviewer also asked Cleo about her parents.

In reply, Cleo said that she is proud of her parents and she also knows they are talented actors.

Later they were also spotted together at the premiere of A Star is Born and even in the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

Cleo’s Personal Life

Cleo has quite a secretive personal life. We do know that she takes inspiration from a lot of places. Music is something that she is quite fond of. Cleo’s inspirations include bands such as Pink Floyd and Guns N’ Roses. She also likes listening to artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Fiona Apple, and even Sheryl Crow.

In addition, Cleo’s grandparents are Dudley Ross and Katharine W Hall. Both of them support her music career. Cleo is also rumored to be dating Randy Christopher bates who is quite a talented artist as well as a musician. They might be engaged right now but we don’t really have the exact information about this thing.

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