Who is YouTuber, Cleetus McFarland?

Cleetus McFarland

There are many fans of Automobile content on YouTube. If you are one of those people, you might have heard of this guy named Cleetus McFarland. He is from Florida and he is one of the most popular automobile YouTuber ever. He has a really big collection of fast home-built cars and has his own racetrack as well. He goes pretty fast and has got a massive fan following with millions of subscribers on his channel. This is not really surprising as the effort he has put into his YouTube career is immense. Let us take a look at his career.

How did Cleetus McFarland as a character was born?

Cleetus McFarland is not a real person, he is a character and the real person behind this gimmick is Garrett Mitchell. Way before Garrett became famous as “Cleetus” he was uploading content on the internet. Garrett was a social media guy and uploaded these videos just to make a small amount of money. During this time, Cleetus was a full-time student and he did not have many resources as well.

The character of Cleetus was ‘On the spot’ and it was created during an event in 2015. Garrett created this character out of the thin year and applied a redneck Texas accent and the respective attire. This made a good impression on people and his videos began to go viral.

Once the videos went viral, the Cleetus McFarland character was born and he is still going strong as an entertaining internet figure!

How was the ‘Cleetus McFarland’ YouTube channel started?

The ‘Cleetus McFarland’ channel was started by Gareth but the channel does not have only members working on it too. There is a whole team behind this brand, we will get into it later.

But first, let us talk about the earlier days when Gareth was the only one pushing content on this channel and his content went super viral. The channel was random. It had zero themes or style but it did involve challenges, humor, and fast cars.

That is the reason why this channel is so entertaining. It has a lot of humor and the guys in the channel just love cars and they have fun.

Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube Team


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The Cleetus McFarland team consists of people such as James, Garett, and Cooper. All of these guys are the best when it comes to Automobile content. They gave a great partnership with each other and they have been working together for a long time. The guys even have their own separate channels that they are trying to grow and this is a good thing. The content of Cleetus McFarland hasn’t changed so, people find it still humorous.

Business Ventures

After setting up his YouTube channel and growing it, Cleetus then rent a space to start a shop as a home base for selling his projects. The shop is currently located outside Tampa. It was a shared space but the place is spacious and nice. It is also stuffed with guys that love cars so, it’s a fun hangout place as well.

Their crew got out of the space in 2021 though and now they have gotten a  new space for the shop near Bradenton. The current shop is quite great and it also has a legit brand. The space is their own so, they can do whatever they want to it. They have made a really great shop to sell all their channel merch and other goodies there.

It is also kind of like a warehouse to store their YouTube props and more. They even film in the shop sometimes so, it also acts as a set.

The Cleetus McFarland merchandise line

Another thing that has really helped the Cleetus McFarland channel is the merchandise line they own. They have got merch for their loyal fans and many people wear the brand as well. Their T-shirts are goofy with creative designs and patterns.

All YouTubers make good money from their merch and Cleetus McFarland is also that channel. Gareth has made it sure that they are able to earn with this Merchandise. The merchandise makes up for a bulk of their income as well.  The whole sales figure is quite nice too.

Since they have dedicated shops and warehouses for their merch, I’m guessing the guys running the Cleetus McFarland channel earn a lot of money from this sale alone! Garrett himself is worth more than $4 million dollars so, yeah, the channel makes good money!

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