Who Is Model Cindy Prado?

Cindy Prado

Cindy Prado is one of the most popular models and has won the hearts of many. She is an exceptional international brand, social media influencer, businesswoman, fitness entrepreneur, and health and wellness leader.

She remains true to her goal of empowering and inspiring future generations as she continues to strengthen her brand and advocacy with a global focus and is always responsive to emerging opportunities.

But is there more to her than just being a model and sharing bikinis and vibrant shots? Let’s find out in this article as we will tell you everything you need to know about her.

Who is Cindy Prado?

Cindy Prado was born on 20th January 1992 in Miami. Florida, United States. Lots of people mistake her for Latina because she is Hispanic and lives in Miami. But she is of Cuban/Spaniard descent and her family is originally from the Islas Canarias in Spain.

Not much is known about her family background and personal life. It is revealed that she has a brother by the name of Nicolas. She is one of the most recognizable internet entrepreneurs and media personalities. She is very much innovative in the influencer space and she has a very bright future ahead of her life. According to her birthdate, she is currently 30 years old and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Education & Career

Cindy is well educated as she has studied Public relations and Marketing. But the information about where she completed her education is not known.

Talking about her career, she began her modeling career in 2011. She has participated in different campaigns across the globe, worked on her portfolio, and walked the runway for numerous fashion designers.

Cindy started to do modeling for brands like 1sol swimmer and Maaji swimmer in her mid-teens before launching her then-247,000 -strong Instagram account. She has modeled for several designers like Micro Kitten and walked at various runaway shows since then.

Additionally, she has modeled for FHM and Maxim magazine and collaborated with various large corporations like Telemundo, The Small Society, and BED Miami. Furthermore, she has revealed during an interview that she has been a performer her entire life.

She has been a performer whether she’s doing photoshoots with her parents, putting on little talent shows when she was a child, or dancing in high school.

Little by little, I finally started taking off!

Cindy has been a natural performer ever since childhood but even so, it wasn’t easy to do modeling at the start of her career. She realized that it was really difficult for her to get into the agency as she wasn’t 5ft 10 inches. But instead of getting depressed, she was even more determined and took matters into her own hands. She also had to juggle modeling and school studying Public Relations and Marketing.

She started taking her own photos and funding her own wardrobe for her shoots. the businesswoman even paid for photographers and luckily Instagram started to blow up at the same time. Cindy has spoken about her modeling beginning and said, “I just had to do what it took to make it happen. Little by little, I finally started taking off!”

She wondered if modeling was really what she should pursue or if she should just get a regular job as she felt a lot of stress at the beginning of her career. But even so, she managed to find her joy in the modeling career and she has grown quite a lot over time.

Her appearance and body measurements

Talking about her appearance, she is very beautiful and her body figure is great. Her beauty has on the hearts of many. She has a pair of beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair. Her exact weight is not known but it is believed that she weighs approximately 58kg (128 lbs).

Her height is 5ft 7 inches (170 cm) and her body measurements are 33-26-36 inches. Cindy is a fitness freak and she eats very healthy food due to which she has a very fit and curvy body. Furthermore, she loves to eat boiled foods and salads. She prefers to eat healthier meat with energy drinks.

Current relationship status

Cindy hasn’t revealed much about her relationship to the public but during an interview with Elite Daily, she left a hint about her relationship.

When she was asked, “How many drinks before he gets lucky?”. She replied by saying, “Well, right now there is only one special one getting lucky, and with no drinks.”

From what she says we can assume that she has a boyfriend and she even revealed that she had a horrible experience with a male model. When she was asked about her worst dates, she replied by saying, “My worst date was not even a date. He was a model as well, and it turned out that he secretly rooted for the other team. No more male models for me!”

Mental health and Online Fitness Program

Cindy has partnered with many brands which include a virtual mental health care program called Cerebral. She has said that she is very fortunate to partner with Cerebral as she wants to use this opportunity to shine a light on the importance of positive mental health and strengthen the well-being of her followers, friends, and family.

Additionally, she also has an online fitness program called the Prado program. She says the program allows any members can access her and every one of them can share their motivation, growth, mental health check-ins, and have discussions about maintaining a positive mindset.

She has also revealed that she herself practices positive mental health and she also believes that she could be open and transparent with her fans to empower one another. Furthermore, she has created an influencer course where anybody can view her story and lessons about creating content and using the equipment properly.


Cindy has revealed that her fame gives her the advantage to use her influence for philanthropic purposes. She has partnered with the Miami Heat Cheer and Dance team. It’s to help empower other women in finding themselves through social media.

It is really great to see famous models and influencers do charity and volunteer work for the improvement of human welfare.

Her presence on social media

The 5ft 7 inches tall model is quite famous on social media. She has over 5.6 million followers across all her social media platforms.  She is amplifying her voice to inspire, empower and create a lasting positive impact.

Many people from all around the world follow her because of her authenticity and organic self in front and behind the camera. She is very much active on social media and uploads the post daily. You can click the link to visit her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @cindyprado

Facebook: @MissCindyPrado

Twitter: @misscindyprado

Net worth

Cindy’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 1-1.5 million. She is able to earn such a large amount of money mostly from her modeling career and sponsors. She has worked with various brands such as Celsius Energy Drink, MineTan Body Skin, Amazighen Oils, Fashion Nova, and many more.

Furthermore, she also earns a lot of money by promoting various brands on her social media as she has millions of followers. So, she is very rich and she loves her work very much.

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