Who is Chuck Norris’ Son, Dakota Alan Norris?

dakota alan norris

Dakota Alan Norris is one of the twins of Chuck Norris. Chuck, as you might know, is a very distinguished martial artist as well as an Actor. Chuck Norris created a foundation for his acting career through martial arts. He was well versed in many different combat sports like Judo, Soo Do and Jiu-Jitsu. Chuck also showed his versatility in the acting world through his work in different movies. And then he had TV roles as well. There are many tabloids that name is one of the greatest action movie stars in Hollywood.

But this article is not really about Chuck. It is about his son Dakota. So, What is Dakota Like? What are his future plans? Is he also a martial artist? We are going to answer all of these queries today, so let us begin!

How old is Dakota Alan Norris? His Date of Birth

Dakota is currently 19 years old. This means he was born in 2002.  He is twins with his sister Danilee Kelly Norris. She was born on 30th of August, 2001. The twins were born in California. At the time of their birth, Dakota’s father was 61 years old while his mother was just 33.

The twins were born without any complications and Chuck and his wife welcomed their children in the first due date. The duo announced this happy news to the worldwide audience in the May of 2001 at the World Stunt Awards. Both parents and the twins are of Caucasian ethnicity and they lived quite a great life back when the twins were born.

Dakota Alan Norris’ Father is an Actor

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We all know who Chuck Norris is. He is one of the most legendary actors of our time. Norris has had a really nice career as an Actor and a Martial Artist. He started practicing from an early age and even formed his own Martial Art field. He calls it Chun Kuk Do. Chuck even trained many Hollywood celebrities initially before trying his hand on playing different characters in movies. He has made a really big career off of playing the main villain in the movie Way of the Dragon.

He also has some other major movies like Good Guys Wear Black, Missing in Action, and A Force of One, to name a few. In TV, he worked extensively and has around 12 Television Credits to his name. He made his TV debut in Karate Kommandos. After that, he played a long-term role in Walker, Texas Ranger, and more series.

After acting, he tried his hand in writing and wrote several books on Martial Arts. Both of his books became best sellers. The books were The Secret of Inner Strength and Black Belt Patriotism.

Dakota Norris’ Five Siblings

We all know that Dakota has a twin sister named Danilee but his sibling count does not end here. He has four other siblings from his parents’ previous affairs and relationships as well. He has two older half-brothers named Michael Norris and Eric Scott Norris. Both of them are from Chuck’s first marriage with Dianne. His brother Eric is quite famous as a car racer who even won the NASCAR Winston West Series Championship in the year 2002.  Quite an achievement.

Michael, on the other hand, is an actor who has played a good number of roles in movies and TV shows. Chuck was also in a relationship with Johanna with whom he had Dina Norris (Dakota’s third sibling). Dina works as a realtor right now! From his mother’s side, Dakota has a sister named Kelly Tagudin. His mother used to be with Gordon Hinschberger.

Chuck and Gena (Dakota’s mother) got married in 1992 and are still together after 23 years. They don’t have any conflict in their relationship and are quite happy with each other.

Dakota Norris’ relationship

Dakota has remained quite secretive about his relationships, so we don’t really know it in detail. We have just limited information about that. But we think that he is single at the moment and focusing on his career.

In Dakota Alan Norris is interested in Martial Arts?

The 19-year-old Dakota is quite interested in Martial Arts. He has been training under his father for a while now. Since he has a really great coach, Dakota’s martial arts skills are quite advanced for his age. He has mastered gymnastics as well. And that too in a really short amount of time. Dakota has a twin sister named Danilee with whom he trains too. Both of them are actually Black Belt holders. They train with a pro coach and have been incredibly great at martial arts.

Dakota Norris’ YouTube Channel

Dakota is not there on any Social Media platform like Facebook and Instagram. Instead, he is on YouTube and has a channel that he created around 2 years ago. The channel is not that huge but he does have it and shares his martial art videos on it. He also has a couple of videos that show him training with his dad.

What is His Net Worth?

Dakota Norris’ net worth is around $200,000 as of 2021. It is not bad for a 19-year-old. On the other hand, his father has quite a lot of money. Chuck Norris is estimated to be worth around $70 million as of 2021.

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