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Who is Chuck Norris’ Daughter, Dina Norris?



chuck norris daughter Dina Norris

Dina Norris is a former realtor who has worked at Keller Williams Realty and some other real estate franchises. She has also managed to work for many other well-run real estate organizations such as TPM Personnel, Walker Texas and more. But Why is a real estate agent this popular? Well, there is a reason for it. She is popular because she is the daughter of Chuck Norris. Add to that, she is the daughter of an extramarital affair of Chuck. So, this makes her a subject of discussion in Hollywood. She is the daughter of a really huge celebrity. So, how is her life? Well, let us see.

Dina Norris’ Early Life

Dina Norris is the daughter of Chuck Norris and Johanna Norris. Her parents never married and she is actually the child of an extramarital affair between the two. We don’t really have any info about her exact date of birth but we do know that she was born in the month of February in 1963 in California. As of 2021, she is 58 years of age.

In terms of siblings, she has two half-siblings Mike and Eric Norris, who are both the official sons of Chuck. Mike is an actor while Eric is a professional stock car driver. Dina also has other half-siblings. Chuck, after divorcing his first wife Diane Holechek married Gena O’ Kelly and with her had twins Dakota and Danilee. So, these two are the half-siblings of Dina too.

Anyway, Norris went to the Mt. Jacinto Community College. Later on in life, she attended Orange Coast College and had a degree in Business Administration. She passed out from college in 1985.

She also has a brother named Dakota Alan Norris.

Dina’s Parents

Dina’s mother was stationed in California. During this time, Chuck was in the US Air Force. So, when the Hollywood Star met Johanna, he was still married to his initial wife Dianne Holechek. But Johanna and Norris had an instant connection with each other and found her to be an incredible person. This is how the two started dating and quickly, all the media picked up on the story. Their secret was out in the open and things started to get really tense for both.

Relation with Chuck Norris

Dina’s relationship with Chuck Norris is not really good. Johanna actually kept the secret from Dina so, she did not even know who her father was most of the time. Her mother did this to protect her child. Meanwhile, Chuck Norris had started a new Martial Art business and was teaching people the art of Martial Art. Later, Norris went on to the Show business but he did not really get together with his daughter. Even after Dina knew who her father was, her mother told her to not contact Chuck so, we can say that the relationship between the two wasn’t great. They did meet but it wasn’t all hugs and kisses. Dina might even have some bottled up anger against her father.

Career: What is Dina Norris doing for a living?

When she graduated, Dina started to work as a Test Engineer assistant for the Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. She worked in this company for more than 3 years. After that, she went to join TPM Personnel where she served as a staffing representative for around 1 year. She got promoted and worked as an Operational Manager for two more years. Beside all these things, Dina also spent 4 more years from 1996 all the way to 2000 working in PR. She used to work in the PR department at Walker Texas Ranger which is located in Texas. If we take a reference of her LinkedIn bio, Norris’ last job is that of a realtor. She currently works at Keller Williams in Southlake Texas.

Is Dina Norris married?

Yes, Dina is happily married. Norris has been living a great life married to her husband Damien Di Ciolli. Damien is the native of the town of Copell in Texas. He has been living here for a long time. The relationship between the two has surpassed many years but since Dina is quite a private person, she does not really provide all the information about her private life to the media.

Norris’ Children

dina norris with her family

Dina and Damien have been married for a while and now they even have children. Their relationship is great and they have been blessed with children such as Gabi Boardman, Dante Di Ciolli, Eli Di Ciolli and more. Gabi, their daughter, is in medical technology. She is also a clinical lab scientist at St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center. So, yeah their one daughter has already made it in life. The parents are pretty proud with Gabi. In addition to being a lab scientist and a biologist, Gabi also earned a Master’s degree in Business which is very much unheard of.

Moving on to the son, Dina’s son is Dante who was born in 1994. He took a different career path and is now an Actor as well as a Model. But just like all the millennials, he also likes to call himself an “entrepreneur.” But he is a really athletic fellow and was never considered a future prospect for the United States soccer team, a dream that never really manifested!

What is Dina Norris’ Net Worth?

Dina is not that rich but she does well for herself. She has had a really impressive career and she still continues to work. Her income from various organizations have really contributed to her $500,000 net worth. This is good enough to live a decent life but it is literally nowhere as compared to her father’s net worth which is around $70 million.

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