Who is Chuck Norris’ daughter, Danilee Kelly Norris?

Danilee Kelly Norris

Danilee Kelly Norris is a famous Star Kid who has grabbed the attention of many people. She is famous for being the twin daughter of the famous star Chuck Norris. Chuck is one of the best action film star in Hollywood. In addition, his martial arts career has been quite impressive as well.  So, today we are going to be taking a look at Danilee.

Information about Danilee’s Parents

Danilee’s father is the big star, Chuck Norris. Her mother is Gena O’Kelley who is a former model. Since Danilee is the twin daughter, she definitely has siblings. Her twin brother’s name is Dakota Alan Norris and in fact, she has 5 siblings in total. Her twin brother is also a martial artist with a Black Belt in MMA.

Danilee’s age and early life

Danilee Norris is 19 years old as of the year 2021. She was born on the 30th of August in 2001. Her birthplace is California in the United States. Her twin brother’s name is Dakota Alan Norris.

Danilee’s father was 61 years old when he married her mother who was 33  (at the time of her birth). She was actually born way earlier than the due date. This news was revealed by a publicist. The pair even announced their twins at the World Stunt Awards in the year 2001. In terms of nationality, Norris is an American and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Danilee’s Siblings

In total, Danilee has 5 siblings. Her two older half-siblings are named Michael and Eric Norris. They were born from her father’s first marriage to Dianne Kay Holechek. Michael is also known as Mike and he has acted in many movies over the years. He has actually done multiple TV shows. On the other hand, Eric is a former car racing driver who has won the 2002 NASCAR West Series Championship.

Her other half-sibling is a sister named Dina Norris who works as a realtor. She was born from an affair Chuck Norris had with a woman named Johanna. But the sibling count does not end here. Danilee also has two more half-siblings. She has a brother named Tim and a sister named Kelley. Both are from her mother’s relationship with Gordon Hinschberger. Kelly is now a 4th-grade teacher.

Her father has been in a lot of relationships and he has gotten married plenty of times as well. But he and Danilee’s mother have enjoyed a pretty stable relationship overall. The couple actually tied the knot in 1998 and since then, they have enjoyed each other’s company.

Danilee’s Famous Father

Chuck Norris is an incredibly famous actor worldwide. He has been in a number of movies as well as TV shows. Before he made his way into the glamorous world of Hollywood, he was a humble martial artist. He gained recognition from Hollywood and then made his own martial arts studio named Chun Kuk Do.

His journey in Hollywood began in the ’70s when he made his first appearance in a film called ‘The Student Teachers’ in 1974. After that, he was seen in a super hit movie titled ‘Good Guys Wear Black’. It was a success at the box office.

Chuck quickly established himself as a go-to action movie star. He did it by his world-famous performances in films like Silent Rage, Lone Wolf McQuade, and An Eye for an Eye. His last big project was in 2012 when he played in The Expendables 2.

Chuck also has some TV shows credits to his name. He got a debut role in an animated TV series named Karate Kommandos in the year 1986. After that, he was featured in TV projects like Walker, Texas Ranger, The President’s Man: A Line in the Sand, The Goldbergs, and many others.

What does Danilee do for a living?

Danilee’s career is actually not known properly. She has remained tight-lipped about it. When we get more details about her career, we will definitely provide you with that information.

As a child though, she did appear in Texas Ranger with her father. She also had a minor role in Walker. Her hobbies include Martial Arts and she is actually trained in the Cun kuk Do. Danilee and her twin brother both train in the studio. And both have got to the Black Belt level. They got their belts under their coach Mr. Derrick Stinson.

Chuck was very proud of his children and even congratulated them with a post on social media. The kids enjoy a good life with their father.

In terms of her personal life, we don’t really know that much. She doesn’t speak that much about her relationships and the information is quite limited. There is also no indication of any relationship on her Social media. So, we guess that the 19-year-old is still single.

Net Worth Details

Danilee has around $200,000 as her net worth as of now. This is just a rumor though, the exact sum is not known right now. She lives on her father’s ranch in Texas at the moment and her father is quite rich. He has an estimated fortune that exceeds $70 million.

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