Who Is Brandi Love’s Husband, Chris Potoski?

Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski is a veteran American businessman and Brandi Love Husband. He is known for being the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Tracey Jordan Properties. Chris also holds the position of Founder and COO of TJC Asset Management company.

Who is Chris Potoski?

Chris was born in the year 1972 in the United States of America. We don’t have the proper information about his parents, background, and siblings though.

He did his bachelor’s from Central Michigan University. He studied Science at university and got a double major in Physiology and Kinesiology.

Chris is well known for staying out of any controversies and there have not been any bad rumors about him. he is also not really active on social media. Chris doesn’t use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

In early 2000, Chris had a heart attack which was induced by his stressful schedule and so, he was suggested to change his profession.

And before his health could degrade further, Chris and his wife Brandi thought of starting their new career.

The pair started their adult film career but every one of their friends and families was really against it. They were really against this idea so, Chris and his wife were estranged from their families.

Because of this reason, Chris doesn’t really talk about his family. He hasn’t mentioned them in any of his interviews and social appearances. He has become a very successful businessman though and he lives a pretty comfortable life right now.

Marriage with Brandi Love

Chris Potoski is married currently. His wife is Brandi Love. Brandi is a famous adult film actress just like Mia Khalifa. Chris and Brandi got married in 1994 in a private ceremony. The ceremony was attended by only family and friends.

Brandi Love is well known in the adult movie space. She is not like other adult stars though. Most of the time, Adult stars’ lives fall apart after they join the industry. But since Chris and Brandi went into it as a couple, her work has just skyrocketed and she enjoys this career.

The pair live like a celebrity couple and they also earn a good amount of money to sustain their livelihoods.

Chris and Brandi are also blessed with a daughter who was born in 2001, they have not revealed anything about their daughter due to their work in the adult industry they might feel a bit unsafe to reveal her.

But they later revealed their daughter on their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Due to Brandi’s working in adult work, they planned to raise her somewhere safe and far from this industry and they are also trying their best to do this.


Chris started his career as the Director of Business Development in Curative Health Services. This was a job that was related to his college degree. He started the job in 1995 and kept on working there till 1999.

After leaving this company, Chris joined the National healing corporation and started to serve as the Vice President of Business Development. Besides this, Chris has also worked as a VP in Regent Medical Solutions.

Chris is also a seasoned CEO. He served in InVixis as a CEO for 5 years. Right now, he is running his own company TJC Asset management which he started in 2004.

In addition, Chris also started another company called Tracey Jordan Properties in 2014.

His In-Laws Fought For His Daughter’s Custody

brandi love

It has been heard and found that Brandi’s parents and Chris’s In-laws fight for the custody of the child because they thought that raising a child with Chris and Brandi is very unsafe. And this is all because of Brandi’s profession in the adult line, but the custody failed because Brandi and Chris won the case.

Later in 2004, Chris had a heart attack and his health condition was not going well, due to this reason his financial condition was degrading so, once again Brandi planned to follow back her adult career.

Hearing this news Brandi’s parents once again tried to file a case to win the custody and they even called child protection services to rescue their granddaughter.

But child protection released a statement stating that there is nothing to worry about and that the child is growing up in a good environment.

They were kicked out of the Event

This couple has faced many backslashes in their life due to their work, in 2017 when the couple attended the event paying a $500 ticket price in Student Action Summit which happened in Tampa, Florida. The couple was kicked out of the event.

Other attendees and the program hosts team kicked them from the show, recalling this moment Brandi stated that it was a very heartbreaking moment and she was heartbroken.

Also, another event held by some Christian society, kicked her from entering their church programs, and the reason they released was that this program was designed for young teenage boys and girls, so, if she attend the show it will create a negative impact on them. For this reason, she was kicked out by society.

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