Chris Frangipane – All About Halsey’s Father (Net Worth, Wiki)

Chris Frangipane
Birth place New Jersey
Profession Automobile Manager
Height 5.8 Inches
Daughter Halsey


Chis Frangipane is a father of famous American artist and singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane also known as Halsey.

Chris is a lucky guy because he gain a popularity due to his daughter, which is also a proud moment for any dad. His daughter Halsey has gained a massive popularity as well as massive fan gain from her self released song.

She has also some popular albums like Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and Manic. So, let’s dig down about some past life, career and net worth of Chris Frangipane.


Chris Frangipane with Halsey

There is no exact source which reveals Chris Frangipane birthday but it is guessed that he was born between 1972 to 1974.

He was born in New Jersey, USA and he holds American citizenship as well. He was raised by his parents and Chris parents were mechanic as well as his mother was teacher on elementary school.

Chris wears hat because he is bald and has a height of 5 FT 8 Inch. He also weighs about 77kgs as per various sources.

Chris was also fond of music and he dreamed to became a artist as well but time flews and he continue his journey to became a mechanic.

Many sources claimed that he used to play football  as well as basketball a lot when he was on school. He studied on Fairleigh Dickinson University for his further education. But when he was on college his girlfriend got pregnant and he stop continuing his education.

But again he com back to study and completed his degree on 1997.  Now, Chris work as a sales manager on Automobile company.

Married Life

Christopher married life seems to be happy and healthy as well. He doesn’t come in limelight too much but once Halsey took him to Grammy Awards after that public media has started to gain attention to him as well.

Chris wife name is Nicole Frangipane. The couple started dating on their early age from school time and since then they are together. There is also no proper details about their marriage and dating life.

This couple has three children one is Halsey born in 1994, Sevian Frangipane in 1998 and another son Dante Frangipane in 2005.


Hasley father is a Afro-American and her mother is white. So, Hasley knows how society treats her father and mother differently.

On one news portal Vulture, She stated something like this:

“When I was little, if someone saw me and my dad walking through, like, a grocery store parking lot, women would come up to us and be like, ‘Sweetie, are you okay? Because they saw a little white girl walking with a black man.”

About Chris Daughter Halsey

Halsey real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. And she was born in 1994, in Edison, New Jersey. She started gaining a massive popularity from her personal released album. Later she was signed by Astralwerks and released her debut album on 2014.

Net Worth

Chris net worth is estimated to be over $500,000. While his daughter net worth is about $16 Million.

Chris is a normal job guy who work as a sales manager and uses his salary to pay his expenses and kids fees.

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