Who is Chris Chappell? Guy Behind China Uncensored

Chris Chappell

China Uncensored is a YouTube show that has dark humor and pretty dark news. It is hosted by a comedian named Chris Chappell. He reports on Asian news on the show and has very clever jokes. The show is incredibly funny.

Chris makes use of dark humor to home in pretty great points about China and its censorship. In addition, he also makes people aware of the news that they might not be aware of. So, Who is Chris Chappell in real life? Where is he from? Let us find out in this article!

Information about Chris Chappell

Chappell is quite a mysterious person. While yes we know some facts about his life, we don’t really have that complete information. For instance, we don’t know when he was born but we do know that he is originally from the state of California Los Angeles. In terms of Nationality, he is white. He hasn’t disclosed any information about his family background yet though.

Education-wise Chappell is highly educated. He actually has a bachelor’s degree in arts (BA). He majored in music theory and got through college in 2007. Chappell graduated from the University of California.

Chappell enrolled at New York University for his master’s degree. He got an MA in arts and obtained a degree in Music Theory as well.

How did Chappell Start his career?

Today, Chappell is well known for being an Internet Reporter. He also hosts the YouTube channel titled ‘China Uncensored.’ Chappell is also the creator, host as well as and author of this channel.

He made his YouTube start in the year 2012 when he made his first channel. Chappell used to live in New York back then. Chappell also has a second channel called America Uncovered. He is quite interested in Chinese concepts like Falun Gong and Qigong.

Once he had to be hospitalized and the doctors gave up on him but his close friend introduced him to qigong. Chappell recovered and then his real interest in China and Asia started. This is the origin story of his reporter character in China.

Talking about his education Chappell completed a degree in Bachelors of Arts, Music Theory between 2003 to 2007. Later, he enrolled in New York University from where he gained a degree in Masters of Arts.

China Uncensored


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China Uncensored is a YouTube channel that does commentary. Chris is a host of the channel. His main focus is on Political issues in China. He tackles these issues with Humor and Irony. This channel also shows a series of events as episodes. Each episode has a length of 30 minutes.

The series can be watched on the New Tang Dynasty TV in New York. It is also associated with Falun Gong and has Chinese subtitles as well. The show is quite popular is Asia and it is shown in multiple languages like English, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean. Many viewers love and appreciate the work and Apple TV even banned the show on their platform for sensitive content.

How much is Chris Chappell worth? Personal Life

Well, we don’t know what his actual finances are but we do think that he is worth quite a good sum of money. There is obviously no news about his personal life. We don’t even know his sexual orientation for that matter!

In terms of Social Media, his Instagram account is followed by thousands of people. There are 17K followers on his Instagram. He is also on Twitter. His Twitter Handle is @50centchappell. The account has a modest follow base. He is quite popular on YouTube though. China Uncensored, which is his channel has a total subscriber count of 1.55 million.

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