Who is Chet Hanks’ Daughter, Michaiah Hanks?

Michaiah hanks

Chester Marlon Hanks who is also known as Chet Hanx is a well-known American musician and actor and he is one of the children of famous American actors Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson. Chet has worked in various movies and TV shows including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Fantastic Four, NCIS: New Orleans, Your Honor, Empire, Larry Crowne, Project X, If I Can’t Have You, and a few others.

In this piece of article, we will be talking about Tom Hanks’ granddaughter and Chet Hanks’ daughter Michaiah Hanks. So if you want to know about Michaiah’s life, educational background, and other details then I suggest you read the full article.

Short Biography of Michaiah Hanks

Michaiah was born on April 16, 2016, to father Chet Hanks and mother Tiffany Miles. As she is born to American parents, she holds an American nationality.

Michaiah has a mixed ancestry of English, Portuguese, Greek, Bulgarian, and African-American. She is currently just five years old and not much is known about her. So who is Michaiah’s mother Tiffany Miles? How did she meet Chet?

Michaiah’s Mother Tiffany Miles

As per the information, Tiffany Miles is a journalist but it is not clear as to where and how did she meet Chet. Reports suggest that Chet and Tiffany were not in a romantic or love relationship but once Chet was drunk and they went to a one-night stand.

As a result, they became the parents of Michaiah. So how much does Chet love his daughter? Some might think that it was just a one-night stand and he may not love his child much but it is not true at all.

Even though there were not in a romantic relationship and it was just a one-night stand, Chet says that Michaiah is the best thing to happen to him ever. He also said that his daughter has helped him become more humble and turn his life.

Tribute to Michaiah’s Mother Tiffany

Chet Hanks’s daughter and Tom Hanks’s granddaughter, Michaiah Hanks
Chet Hanks’s daughter and Tom Hanks’s granddaughter, Michaiah Hanks

We don’t know if Chet and Tiffany were friends or not but Chet has said that Tiffany is one of the pleasant people he has ever met.

Not to mention he has also written about how grateful he is to Tiffany and he added that she is the beautiful black woman and the mother of his daughter on one of his Instagram posts but it seems that he has deleted the post now.

What is Chet’s Relationship with Tiffany?

Chet announced his relationship with Tiffany in a video which he posted on his Instagram account but the video is now deleted.

In the deleted video Chet said, “As the news about my daughter is about to be shared in the press, I thought I’d share it now. It was my daughter who made the biggest difference in my life, she is the reason I changed my life and got clean.”

He also said that he has not had even alcohol for more than a year because he loves his daughter so much and he was seen with his daughter for the first time in February of 2019.

Michaiah’s Father Chet Hanks

Chet is the third child of popular actor Tom Hanks and the firstborn of Rita Wilson. He was born on August 4, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, United States. There is not much information about Chet’s early life but we do know that he went to Northwestern University where he studied theater.

Just like I mentioned above Chet has worked in a number of movies and television shows. He started his acting career in 2007 in the American comedy film Bratz. After that, he was seen in various movies with small roles like INDIANA JONES 4, Larry Crowne, Project X, Fantastic Four 2015, Empire, Greyhound, and many others.

As for his music career, he released a remix of Wiz Khalifa‘s song Black and Yellow and he named it White and Purple, he was still at Northwestern University when he recorded the remix. Later in 2016, he formed a musical duo called FTRZ with Drew Arthur, and two years after forming, in 2018 the duo released two singles Models and Nowhereland.

They released Harley and Ticket Out My Head in 2020 on the new name Something Out West. Chet has released his two singles White Boy Summer and Damn in 2021.

Michaiah’s Grandparents

Michaiah is the granddaughter of famous American actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Tom Hanks is one of the most famous and recognizable actors in the world not to mention he is believed to be the American cultural icon.

He is the fourth highest-grossing movie star in North America with his films grossing more than $4.9 billion only in North America and over $9.96 billion worldwide.

Tom has worked in numerous movies including Catch Me If You Can, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Splash, Bachelor Party, and many others. Talking about Michaiah’s grandmother Rita, she is a famous American actress, producer, singer, and songwriter.

Rita also has worked in numerous movies including Jingle All The Way, Sleepless in Seattle, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, That Thing You Do!, Now and Then, Mixed Nuts, Raise Your Voice, Teen Witch, From the Earth to the Moon, Brother Nature, Connie, and Carla, Kiss Me, Beautiful Ohio, Borat Subsequent, Barbarians At The Gate and many others.

Rita has also released a number of songs like Throw Me a Party, Everybody Cries, Pink, Even More Mine, Big City Small Town Girl, and many others.

Chet Was a Drug Addict

Chet revealed that he became an addict at the age of 16 and he decided to get help when he became 24 years old and later got sober. He also added that he used to sell cocaine but he got help from his family.

Chet got in trouble and got his parents in trouble as well when he was a drug addict, in 2016 he was driving under the influence and it was his parents’ car he was driving and he got in an accident and the victim Terry Morgan sued them.

Obviously, the victim suffered an injury but Chet as well was injured as he suffered a brain injury and whiplash. And as mentioned his daughter helped him sober as he said that his daughter is the reason why he changed his lifestyle and finally got sober.

Chet also got help from his parents, Tom helped him get custody of his daughter as Tiffany had full custody of Michaiah. The Oscar-winning actor also helped his son pay the rent and another financial tariff.

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