Who is TV Meteorologist, Cheryl Scott?

cheryl scott

Cheryl Scott is famous due to her work as a meteorologist for ABC 7 Eyewitness News and Chicago’s #1 station. She joined the channel in December 2014 and before joining the ABC7 she used to work as a morning and evening meteorologist for NBC 5.

She was also on air when tornado destroyed Knoxville in 2011 since, than she was considered as one of the most brave real time journalist.

Cheryl Scott is an American Meteorologist. She is famous for being on TV and is currently working for ABC 7 (Chicago’s Local Channel). So, how is her life like? What does she do? And is She married or Single? Well, today we are going to answer all of these questions so, let’s get started.

Born and Raised in New Jersey

Cheryl Scott was born in the year 1985. Her birthdate is in January 29.  Her mother’s name is Marie Picciano Scott and she has two older brothers. The siblings were raised in Atco which is a township located in Camden county, New Jersey.

Ever since a child she was a pretty bright student (more on that later). But in addition to that, she was pretty good at playing sports too. The whole family used to support the Philadelphia Eagles and she spent her life loving the sports. She also took a starter jacket that belonged to one of her brothers and even wore it to School sometimes.

Cheryl used to be good at Sports

Cheryl Attended the Paul VI high school. The high school is located in Haddonfield, New Jersey right now. This school has a good sports program and Cheryl was on the track and field sports. She was a very fast runner and had the athletic ability that gave her many opportunities down the line. In addition to this, She also played a lot of soccer. She had a nice overall achievement in Track-and-field and she even drew the attention of many universities because of her skills in this sports. She got enrolled in the Brown University at last. The university is in Rhode island. In the year 2007, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Science and then got her Meteorology Certification from the Mississippi State University.

Bright Student Since Childhood


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As a student, Cheryl was good at sports as well as studies. She was a very bright student in Science but it was her sports accomplishments that got her to the University. But in University, She proved everyone wrong by showing her bright side and getting a degree in Geological Science (which is pretty tough). She also got that Meteorology certificate as we mentioned.

After school her career in this field began. She started working for local TV channels before going state wise and becoming a prominent member in Chicago’s news channels. IN her journey, she also ended up becoming a member in the board of directors in the American Red Cross. How did this massive career pan out for her? Well, let us find exactly that!

Career in Meteorology

It was 2006 when Cheryl actually started her professional career. She was in the WCAU-NBC 10 initially. She worked at the Philadelphia based TV station as an intern.  A year later, she was hired as the Weekend weathercaster at WSEE-TV. It was in this period that she started to work at a 24-hour Caribbean Weather Channel.

She then moved to Knoxville where started her work at the WBIR-TV which is another NBC affiliate Television Network. Scott has managed to cover high profile weather news such as the Tornados that hit Knoxville in 2011. Cheryl was the first one to actually break the news to the viewers and also gave some life saving information on ways to tackle the storm. Her recommendations also consisted of critical safety measures. And after the storm, she worked with Red Cross to help those in needs. This is how her career in red cross began and this career also panned out perfectly as she became a member on their board.

The same year, She joined NBC 5 in Chicago as a morning Meteorologist. After working 3 years for NBC, she moved on to ABC to her current job as a Meteorologist.

Lavish Lifestyle of a Meteorologist

Meteorologists work pretty hard and make a ton of money. This has allowed Cheryl to live a really good life. In addition, her work has provided her with the chance to live all over the US. She has lived in Chicago, New Jersey, Knoxville, Pennsylvania and more.  She enjoys her work and we can see that in her Instagram profile as well.

Soccer Injury

A while after she moved to Chicago, Cheryl took part in a friendly Soccer match. She sustained an injury in one of the multiple matches she took part in. And unfortunately for her, she had to be hospitalized. Her Achilles Tendon had actually ruptured and that injury really affected her overall ability to part in any sports. She was recovering but the injury still had a major effect on her.

Cheryl was linked to Patrick Sharp

Cheryl Scott had been formerly linked to the former Chicago Blackhawks left winger named Patrick Sharp. But it wasn’t really confirmed or denied by the winger. This relationship did not really happen and quickly, she went into a relationship with Josh Iachelli who is an entrepreneur. He owns companies like Homeslice Pizza and The Happy Camper. This did not work that long though and they broke up sometime around 2016.

She is Currently dating a DJ

After her break up with Josh, she began her relation with a DJ from Massachusetts named Dante Deiana. They met at a Charity Event. Deiana’s stage name is Dante The Don and he is the resident DJ at Barstool Sports. He also works at Kiss FM. In addition to that, he is a DJ for Pitbull at SiriusXM and does sound engineering work for the Chicago Cubs. This is quite a resume!

Deiana is also involved in the hospitality industry as he manages the entertainment part of different cafes (Magnolia Cafe) and Nightclubs. In addition to that, he works as the senior VP of marketing and brand management at Tally-App. So, as you can see Deiana is a real hustler! He does a lot of work.

And this might be the reason why Cheryl likes him. He proposed to Cheryl Scott in the July of 2018. The proposal came when they were on vacation at Hawaii. They were actually on a hike when the question was popped. And Cheryl decided to say yes and now, she is engaged.

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