Who Is Charles Luther Manson? About Charles Manson’s Son

Charles Luther Manson

Ever heard of the American criminal and cult leader Charles Mansion? His followers also known as the Manson Family carried out several notorious murders in the late 1960s. They even killed nine people between July and August 1969.

Mansion has a son named Charles Luther Mansion. He left a family of his own whilst also enjoying a conventional life of a father and a husband on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, none of his family members had a long-term relationship with him including his ex-wives or children.

Not only did they end their relationship with him but they also seemed to care little to none about the convicted criminal. Furthermore, each of them pretty well to stay away from the media and public exposure so much so that not even the death of some family members made it to the media.

Similarly, not much is known about his second son namely Charles Luther Mansion. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about him in this article.

Who is Charles Luther Manson?

Charles Luther Manson was born on 24th September 1960. However, the book titled The Life And Times of Charles Manson states that he was born in early September 1961. He is the second son of Charles Manson and his second of two wives, Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens.”

His mother was born around the year 1940 according to Jeff Guinn’s Manson, The Life and Times of Charles Manson-Simon & Schuster in 2013. Unfortunately, not much is known about Charles and his family background.

But it has been revealed that his mother was a prostitute when she met his father in Los Angeles. The reason behind why she was in the profession hasn’t been revealed yet. The book titled The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, which was written by the author, Ed Sanders reports police had said Stevens to them appeared as a Caucasian woman.

Charles Manson and Jay Charley Warner

His mother lied about her pregnancy to avoid prison times for her husband

Well, you might be shocked while reading the above subheading. Luther’s father had married his mother to avoid prison times. The time was probably around the mid-’50s according to the biographies and reports.

At that time, Luther’s mother was working in the street for Charles and she had once lied about her pregnancy to convince the judge and jury to pardon her killer husband. The two were married between two of Mansion’s pre-cut prison stints. Manson was facing a time when Stevens’ “tearful plea” and declaration that the pair intended to wed helped win Manson a 10-year suspended sentence, according to Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murdersco-written by Manson trial prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.

Later, Manson drove Candy and another girl from California to New Mexico after getting out of prison in December 1959. However, he was caught by the police and was indicted in 1960 for sex trafficking-related charges after he brought Stevens and another woman to act as their pimp in New Mexico. Apparently, he had violated the Mann Act which prohibits transporting women across state lines for prostitution.

Thus, he was re-imprisoned for a separate probation violation. Stevens claimed that she’d given birth to his child, namely Charles Luther Manson and she was granted a divorce in 1963. She was given full custody of her son in January 1964.

His parent’s marriage was a sham

As mentioned earlier, Mansion had married Stevens to avoid prison times. That’s because it would prevent her from testifying against him. Well, the law had forbidden wives to speak against their husbands at that time. They decided to get married in 1959.

However, Stevens attested and her then-husband went to prison again. The reason behind her action was that she could get her own charges dropped and become a “material witness.” Later, she became pregnant and gave birth to Charles Luther in September 1960.

Where is Candy Stevens at the present?

After Candy Stevens got divorced, she had little to do with her ex-husband and sources mention that she did her best to hide herself and her son from infamy and public attention.

She has managed to stay away from the media and the public as she hasn’t been part of any headlines. So, we don’t what she is up to these days as she lives a lowkey life.

However, Luther’s father, on the other hand, got engaged to a 26-years old lady from Illinois, namely Afton Elaine Burton, in November 2014. Unfortunately, they didn’t get married because Manson had thought that his wife-to-be only wanted to marry him for publicity.

Afton also talked about how the wedding couldn’t happen. She told that the wedding couldn’t happen because Charles’ marriage license had expired. Luther’s father is no longer alive in this world as he died on 19th November 2017.

Does Charles have any siblings?

Talking about his siblings, he had a half-brother, namely Jay White (originally, Charles Mansion Jr.). Jay was born through Manson’s first marriage to Rosalie Jean Willis. Unfortunately, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in Burlington, Colorado, in 1993.

Jay had a son, namely Jason Freeman, and said that he believed his father took his own life because of the fact that he was Manson’s son to CNN in 2012. Jay White didn’t leave any suicide notes before taking his own life.

Jason had a very hard time growing up just like his grandfather and he too reportedly spent time as a child in and out of juvenile detention centers, country jail, and eventually prison. However, he has started living a clean life after some time.

Charles also had a second half-sibling, namely Valentine Michael Manson. We will be discussing Valentine’s life in the next subheading.

To this date, it hasn’t been known how many children Manson fathered while being alive. A reporter had asked the late killer about the number of children he has in 1981. He replied by saying that he didn’t know. “. I’ve got lots of children, man. Uh, in fact sometimes I even think that you’re a child,” he added.

There were multiple times people who claimed to be Manson’s children but each of their paternity tests said otherwise up until his death. Some of the people who claimed to be his children are Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz, born to Susan Atkins; Phoenix, born to Catherine Share, and Ivan, born to Sandra Good.

Furthermore, Matthew Roberts who was an aspiring rock musician from Los Angeles also claimed that he was Manson’s heir. Similarly, Jason Freeman claimed to be his grandson but his DNA test proved he was from Charles’ lineage. Rebecca Evans-Boyandi was another person who claimed to be his daughter but she didn’t have any definite proof.

His other brother, Valentine Michael Manson

As mentioned earlier, Luther’s father had a third son as well named Valentine Michael Manson. Michael was born in 1968 to his father’s devoted follower Mary Brunner in a house in Topanga Canyon. Maty was a UC Berkely campus librarian and as a Manson follower, she joined the cult group, The Manson Family.

It was also rumored that Manson had named his son Valentine after the protagonist of his favorite novel Stranger In A Strange Land, by the writer, Robert Heinlein. However, he didn’t get to live long with his father’s name just like his half-siblings Luther and Manson. That’s because his parents filed a petition for Valentine’s guardianship, which they won.

His parents gained full custody of Valentine when he was 18 months old and renamed him, Michael Burner. He also revealed that he saw his father as an evil persona and he is very much grateful to grow up with his grandparents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Charles Luther Manson

Is Charles still alive? Was he married?

Charles Luther Manson has maintained the most anonymity among his siblings. It was reported that he had changed his name to Jay Charles Warner in 1979. The first name coincides with his deceased half-brother Jay White.

Some people have claimed that he was a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes and he allegedly died in 2007 at the age of 47. Talking about his marriage life, he hasn’t revealed any detail regarding how he lived most of his life or live life. Well, it hasn’t been confirmed whether he is dead or alive at the present.

However, Manson Blog reported that Warner did have a family and at least a daughter in April 2017. It also provided a blurry picture of him. Unfortunately, many people argue that the theory lacks proof such as DNA testing.

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