Inside Jordan Belfort’s Daughter – Chandler Belfort (Bio, Net Worth)

Chandler Belfort

Chandler Belfort is a celebrity kid and she is also a daughter of an American author, motivational speaker and  stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

Even if you are not into stock market, but you might hear or even watched the movie called “The Wolf of Wall Street“, this movie was actually adapted from the book called “The Wolf of Wall Street” which was written by Jordan Belfort.

Anyway Chandler father is very famous public figure, but in this article we will learn a lot about his daughter Chandler Belfort.

Who Is Chandler Belfort?

Chandler Belfort was born on July 29, 1993 and she is the first daughter of Jordan Belfort and his second wife Nadine Caridi. She also go one brother whose name is Carter Belfort.

Her father is native American and her mother origin is from Germany and Italy. She was only four years old when her parents divorced, and at the same time her father Jordan was facing some scamming charges and legal battles. Jordan was also imprisonment for about two years.

Chandler maintains her life situation in private way, so there is no any deep information has been published on internet about her.

It looks like she doesn’t uses any social media in active way and her Instagram account is also seems to be locked. So, many information about her has been gathered from some little authoritative sources are from her mother Instagram profile.

Living on a very complicated family problem, Chandler never left her study and never let any conditions to let her studies down. In fact, she studied and graduated from New York University with Bachelor in Psychology on the year 2009.

Chandler and her fiance was affected by virus in 2020. However, the couple did not revealed anything about her health condition but her mother Nadine posted a picture on Instagram stating “Our family has been effected by COVID-19, my daughter and her fiance was tested positive and now they are in quarantine.”

Parents’ Relationship Life

Chandler father Jorden Belfort married twice and his first wife name is Denise Lombardo, this couple get married on the year 1985 and their marriage remains just for only six years. They finally did their divorce in 1991.

After the divorce with his previous life Jordan remarried to Nadine Caridi in 1991, the same year of Jordan divorce with his previous wife.

Nadine was also in the relationship before she get married to Jordan, Nadine was in the relationship with Alan Wilzing. Alan is a professional race car driver and a businessman.

Jordan and Nadine started to date after they got fell in love with each other, this couple almost dated for just some months before getting married.

There was no any children from Jordan first wife so, from his second wife there are two children one name is Chandler and another Carter.

The family was happy and everything going good at the same time Jordan was very rich with more than $200 Million fortune but his addiction towards drugs and the scam he did to made a big sum of fortune was the main reason of this happy marriage life ending.

Finally, in year 2005 they decided to live their life on their own and the divorced was happened.

Following Mother’s Footsteps

Chandler mother Nadine was a former model but later she changed her career from modeling to counselor where she gives therapy to families. Same like her mother Chandler also completed her education from New York University in Psychology.

And she is also a counselor who has already worked at New York State Psychiatric Institute. And on the other side her brother Carter followed his father path and now he is established person in stock world.

She is not like her father and it seems she has no any interest on stock world. According to her Linkedin Profile it is found that she has degree in Psychology and in Spanish language.

In the mean time, we can say that she has been working as a counselor and therapist which the same thing she studied for and degree.

Little About Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort
(Source: BBC)

Jordan Belfort is a native American and he was born at New York. Jordan was business savvy and his selling skills were developed when started to sell Italian ice-cream on the beach.

Later he drop out from the Dental school, where he used to learn about dentistry thinking that it will never gonna make him rich.

In 1980s time he founded his own brokerage firm and named it Stratton Oakmont. It is also found that he and his firm scammed about $200 Million from the investors. And in 1999 he was charged with fine and jail for some months.

His book The Wolf of Wall Street is also one of the best selling book and the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” story was adapted from this book. The movie was very successful and also listed as one of the highest grossing movies where Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Belfort.

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