All About Brian Baumgartner’s Wife – Celeste Ackelson (Bio, Net Worth)

Celeste Ackelson
Date of Birth 1982
Profession Fashion Industry
Martial Husband Married
Husband Brian Baumgartner

Celeste Ackelson is a high profile celebrity wife. She is married to Brian Baumgartner. Do you know Brian?

You might not know the name but you will definitely recognize him. Brian plays the role of the stupid accountant, Kevin in the hit TV series ‘The Office (US).”


Ackelson was born in the year 1982. She was born in the USA.  As far as her family goes, we do  not have that information. Very little is known about her early life. But she says that she had a pretty standard and boring upbringing.

Ackelson was always a free thinker though. She was gifted with an artistic mind. This was visible in her school projects. As she grew older, Ackelson’s knack for design and creativity led her to the path of being in the fashion industry.

Her fashion sense is top notch. She is often seen in great style and that style was the reason that she got a lot of attention from the public eye. Her red carpet spots have gained many eyes.

When Ackelson graduated high school, she got into the Florida International University. She did a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University.

Relationship with Brian

Celeste Ackelson with Brian Baumgartner

Baumgartner was raised in Georgia and he went to The Westminster School. After that, he studied in the Southern Methodist Uni before he relocated to Los Angeles. Since his early days, Brian was involved in theatre. He has acted many plays in Stage in theaters such as Berkley, Guthrie, CTC and more.

He made his screen debut in 2001 and then went on to play different roles in CSI, Arrested Development and Jake in Progress. In the year 2005, he was casted in the NBC sitcom The Office.
Brian was previously married to Julia Fisher.

They even have a child together. After their divorce, brian started dating Ackelson. She has said that the actor impressed her with sense of humor. Brian could make her laugh even in the most serious situations.

Ackelson and Brian got married in 2014 in their own backyard in California. The ceremony was attended by a few close family and friends. The couple also welcomed their daughter Brylee Bea and currently, they live happily in a $2.8 million house in Los Angeles.


Ackelson majored in Communications and for some time, she worked in the same field. After that, she began working in the fashion industry.

The media loves her fashion sense. And she has a really good grasp of it. Aside this though, not much is known about her overall career.

Her husband, on the other hand, enjoys a pretty great career in Hollywood. He has played many characters in many high profile show but his career took off when he starred in The Office. Since then Brian has been consistently producing top quality performances.

Celeste Ackelson Net Worth

Since we don’t have any information on her current career, it is really impossible to estimate her net worth so, we really don’t have an idea about that. Brian, on the other hand, is worth more than $8 Million dollars overall.

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