Who is Catherine Faylen’s daughter, Amy Philbin?

regis philbin with his daughter Amy Philbin

Amy Philbin is pretty famous being a star child. She is the daughter of Regis Philbin who is an American Media Personality. Regis is an actor and singer as well. He is also a host of a talk show as well as a game show since the year 1960s.

Amy is actually 59 years old

Yes, Amy is actually pretty old. She is the daughter of Regis Philbin and his first wife named Catherine Faylen. The two got married in the mid 50s and then had their daughter some time after. But the marriage did not work out and then Regis got married to an interior decorator named Joy Senese since the year 1970. After that, they had Joana and Jennifer Philbin who are their children too.

Amy has remained completely out of the spotlight all these years though. In case of photos and pictures, there aren’t  many pictures of her on the internet. We also don’t really have what her exact career is. We do know that she once pursued a career in the Singing field. There is not much information on her though.

Currently Regis is working as a contributor with a company called TODAY. And she has been in the

Regis currently works as a contributor with TODAY and it doesn’t look like he plans to slow down anytime soon! He was actually spotted in West Hollywood last month speaking highly of his friend, Alex Trebek, during his cancer battle. Take a look at the video below!

Who is Regis Philbin?

Regis Philbin was born in the year 1931 in the August 25. He was an American TV presenter, a talk show host, game show host, actor as well as a singer. He is referred to as one of the hardest working people in Hollywood. Regis even has the Guiness world record for the most hours of work in US Television. This is a huge deal.

Regis went to the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Navy and then got his TV career after serving for The Tonight Show in the 50s. This late night show is still on TV and it is incredibly famous in America. Regis got proper exposure in 1968 as Joey Bishop’s sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show.

Widely famous for co-hosting the talk show on New York city’s “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee”, Regis became famous much later. He also made another huge debut and hosted the US version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Million Dollar Password and also the first season of America’s Got Talent. 

Regis Philbin’s Cause of Death

Regis passed away on the 24th of July in the year 2020. His family released a statement where the death was confirmed. In the statement, the family said they are grateful for the time they got to spend with Regis and they were also quite grateful for the warmth and his sense of humor. Regis also had the ability to make every day worth it. He had a huge support for over 60 years and in this long career, Regis has had success on all fronts.

If the reports from TMZ are correct, Regis died after getting a heart attack at his home in the city of New York. Regis was battling a heart condition for a while and he had an angioplasty done in the ’90s. He also had a triple bypass surgery in the year 2007. Regis was healthy until last year and he said he was feeling relatively healthy in his retirement house as well.

How much is Amy Philbin worth?

Amy Philbin is worth in the millions. She is the daughter of a world famous talk show host who is also a pretty big deal all over the world. She has made a lot of money from her father’s income as well as her singing career and other ventures. Her total net worth easily exceeds $1 million dollars. We don’t know the full extent of her net worth though. It is still under consideration.

Is Amy healthy right now?

Amy is quite old at 59 years of age. But we have got the information that she is alive and healthy actually. She doesn’t have any hidden diseases as well. She lives in her house right now with her husband and enjoys a pretty great overall living standards.

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