Rust Valley Restorers Actress – Cassidy Mceown (Biography, Net Worth)

Cassidy Mceown
Date of Birth 2003
Birth Place North Carolina
Height 5.5 Inches

Have you watched the new Netflix show called Rust Valley Restorers? It is a new Canadian show where you see old cars getting renewed. Cassidy Mceown is an actress who is famous because of this show,

In addition, the show also stars people like Mike Hall, Avery Shaof and more. All of them are specialists in Automotive work. The cast takes old used cars and turns them into usable ones.

So, do you like Rust Valley Restorers and want to know more about Cassidy Mceown’s life? Stick with us!

Who is Cassidy Mceown?

We don’t know about Cassidy’s personal information. It is not really public on the internet. Except for being a member in the cast of a Netflix show, she has not shared a lot of information about her.

Cassidy is from Cherryville, North Carolina. She is definitely an American but she currently lives in Canada. She was born in 2003 as she is currently 17 years old.

Talking about her parents, we don’t really know much about them. In fact, all the information about her parents are hidden currently.

She went to a technological college where she studied Auto Collision Repair. She got her degree from Okanagon College.

Moving on to her personal life, we don’t know much about it but we can speculate. As Cassidy is very active in Instagram, she shared a picture. The picture seems to be of her current boyfriend. A guy named Stan Pinyon. It clearly suggests that the pair are dating.

Cassidy Mceown is not a very tall person. She has an average height at the age of 17. But she also has more years to grow so, that’s there. Mceown is as tall as 5 feet and 5 inches tall.


People started knowing Cassidy only after she appeared in Rust Valley restorers. She came n the 2nd episode of the first season.

Not much is known about her career up to that time but she did go to AL Fortune Secondary school in British Columbia. After graduating high school, she studied Automobiles in the Okanagan College.

Before starting to work in Rust Valley, Cassidy received automobile training and she used to work as a dishwasher to support herself.

But after being in the show, She became a success and now has a partially successful career. It is also worth mentioning that she is just 17 years old so, she has a wide variety of options in front of her.

As far as social media is concerned, Cassidy uses a lot of Instagram. You can see her posting pictures of cars in her Instagram and most of these pictures are pretty great overall. As far as facebook goes, she is not really available in that platform though.

Cassidy Mceown Net Worth

Cassidy is just 17 years old so, it is very difficult to accurately say what her net worth is or could be. But it is very safe to say that she has been doing great.

Her career is still in the beginning phase and she already has a nice show under her belt that’s watched extensively in Canada. So, we think she will be worth a lot of money in the future.

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