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About Amanda Bearse’s Wife – Carrie Schenken (Partner, Net Worth)



Carrie Schenken
Date of Birth 1958
Profession Camera Operator
Partner Amanda Bearse
Net Worth $1 million

Carrie Schenken is an American technician. She is popular as lesbian partner of famous American actress Amanda Bearse.

Who is Carrie Schenken?

Carrie Schenken was born in the year 1958 and her hometown is Florida, United States of America.

She is currently 62 years old and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

As far as nationality goes, Carrie is American and She belongs to the white ethnicity. She did her high school and primary education in her hometown of Florida.

Despite being in a lesbian marriage with a really high profile celebrity, Carrie has been pretty hidden from the public eye. Her private life is pretty private. All we know is that she was raised in Florida.

We don’t know what school Carrie went to after high school. In addition, we also don’t know her college. In fact, our guess is she did not go to college. She focused on her career rather.

Carrie met Amanda in 2008 and the pair were close pretty soon. After a short time, they got to know each other and their relationship blossomed. After 2 years of dating, Amanda and Carrie decided to get married and make it official.

They got married at a private ceremony in 2010. After that, they adopted two children who they are raising together now.


Carrie started working in Hollywood as a Camera Operator. She was a technician when she met Amanda. Carrie has changed her profession these days but we do not have any idea what that is exactly. She is still working in the entertainment sector though. The pair enjoy a really good life right now.

Relationship with Amanda Bearse


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Carrie and Amanda met on the set while Carrie was camera technician and she was working for the show “All My Children”, the show was very popular and it’s first episode was released on 1970.

They relationship was way earlier when there were no laws of homosexual, so they waited a years to get this law passed on US constitution so, that they can marry legally. By now they are happily married couple with 2 adopted children as well.

There have been minor fights but nothing too complicated. They keep their private life secret though. We also don’t know their first date spot and other personal stuff. Their marriage was also pretty secretive.

Only family and friends were invited to it. Even colleagues and co-stars were excluded from the marriage. A lot of fans have really given the couple a hard time because they keep so much of their information private. The two have been together for over an year.

What About Social Media?

This couple is now active on the events of LGBT community, they don’t use social media actively but their involvement on LGBT is more active than on the previous time. By now there has been no any active information about Carrie Schenken on the internet,

How much is Carrie Schenken net worth?

Since, Carrie is a very personal individual, all her information is kept private. Furthermore, she stays behind lights and cameras. She had a job of a technician but aside that we cannot confirm her other works. And without work detail, we cannot really go and estimate her net worth.

There are rumors and speculation though. If we go by that then, we can say that Schenken is worth around $1 million dollars. Not bad for an ex camera technician!

Moving on to her partner, Amanda is estimated a lot of money. As Amanda is a pretty solid celebrity and she has spent a lot of time in Hollywood, she has managed to gain a pretty big sum of money.

Amanda has done a lot of TV shows and films. In addition, she has done comedy gigs as well. So, if we estimate her net worth it comes to be around $16 million.

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