Who is Canelo Alvarez’s Wife, Fernanda Gómez?

Fernanda Gómez

Fernanda Gómez is the girlfriend of Canelo Alvarez and she came in limelight after getting into a relationship with Canelo. But there is not so much information available about this lady on the internet so, we will find some information about her in detail like where she is living now and also about her personal life.

Her husband is Mexican and he is very famous because of his boxing skills, many boxing fans also admire Alvarez more than any other boxer. Being in a relationship for a long time with Canelo she has become a topic of discussion among boxing fans these days. Fans are curious to know about her personal life, net worth, and also Fernanda’s lifestyle.

Gomez is not so much active on social media making it their fans hard to know about this couple’s lifestyle. There was an announcement about Canelo’s marriage, and everybody started to search for her.

Who is Fernanda Gómez?

Gomez was born on July 3, 1996, making her 25 years old at the present. She was born in Chile besides this there is not so much information available about this lady on the internet about her family background. To this day Gomez’s siblings, education, and personal life have never been disclosed to the public.

By now Fernanda and Canelo are a married couple and both of them have a daughter. And you can also find her posts on her social media with her husband and daughter.  Their daughter’s name is Maria and she was born in 2018.

Fernanda Gomez Relationship With Canelo Alvarez

Gomez and Alvarez met for the first time in 2017. At first sight, this couple fall in love with each other since then they started to date. Later, they were also spotted at the celebration which was held after Alvarez win the championship after defeating Julio César Chávez Jr. The winning party was held at Jewe Night club in Las Vegas.

Canelo and Gomez’s dating life was very personal and it was never known to the media world until they revealed it. This couple never talked about their relationship with the media world so, this was the reason their relationship was unknown to the world. Many times Fernanda also attended the match of Canelo and celebrate the win.

Canelo rarely shares his family photo and his life-related photos on Instagram which made their private life to be unknown to the world.

Who is Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo is a professional boxer from Mexico, till now he has made a huge cash prize from his career. With tons of wins, he is regarded as the finest boxer of this time. He is famous for his tactical fights and as a challenging body puncher. In May 2021, many boxing communities and sites have regarded him as one of the active boxers of this time.

He has won several medals, broke several world records, and various world championships in four weight classes from light-middleweight to light-heavyweight including unified titles in three of these weight classes. Canelo is well known as a challenging body puncher and he avoids the punches by his head and body movements at the same time.

Currently, he holds the title of a unified super middleweight world champion. He is also the highest-paid boxer in the world. Several boxing institutes have made him the face of boxing. He has a very successful career in boxing.

Do they have children?

Fernanda and Canelo have welcomed their daughter in 2017. They have named the baby girl Maria Fernanda.

But Canelo has two more children from his other relationship as well. He had become a father at the age of 16 as he was in a relationship with Karen Beltran. After just a year into his professional career as a boxer, he welcomed his first-ever child and the name of the baby girl is Emily Cinnamon.

In 2019, Canelo welcomed his third child with former business partner and ex-girlfriend Nadia Sepulveda. It was during a period when Fernanda and Canelo had separated for some time. The name of his third child is Saul Adiel and it is a boy.

What is Fernanda Gomez doing these days?

Fernanda’s body and beauty have always motivated her to become a model and pursue her career in the fashion world but she never followed her career in modeling instead she is running a boutique and nail bar in Jalisco.

You can check out her Instagram account which is full of nail art, it looks like she is very good at her work. There are lots of reels and videos which you can check on her account. By now she has over 62.8k followers on her account.

She also has a personal Instagram account where she has over 1.2 million followers. She mostly shares her personal and family pictures in this account.

Fernanda Gomez Net Worth

This couple has never revealed their exact net worth so, it is very unclear about how much money do they make or they have. But, surely, this couple has made huge money from Canelo’s career and Gomez’s boutique.

Besides, this Fernanda has played on some TV series and has worked as a side actor which has surely helped a lot to increase her income and net worth. Also, as per Forbes her husband Canelo is listed as a big earner in the boxing world. He made a whopping $32 million from the winnings and an extra $2 million from endorsements.

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