Where Is Calum Hood Now? About 5SOS Singer

5SOS Calum Hood

Calum Hood is one of the popular singers and songwriters from the famous music band called 5 Seconds of Summer. His music group is consists of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum.

Who is Calum Hood?

Born on January 25, 1996, in Mount Druitt, New South Wales, Australia. Calum Thomas Hood started getting recognization after he joined the famous musical group 5SOS. His band is also one of the best musical groups of the time with 20 positions on Billboard.

He is very talented and he has composed a lot of songs and also helped his fellow members to create lyrics for the music as well.

In his family member, there is also his one sister whose name is Mali Koa Hood. Most of the time he is mistaken and many thought that he is just like a Chinese or Asian but he is Australian but his ancestors may get a bloodline of Asian.

Where is Calum Hood Now?

This is one of the most asked questions by the fan of 5SOS and they are also very eager to know about the Calum Hood. Many fans of him and the band ask questions like where are 5SOS and where is Calum Hood by now? What is he doing these days? Will, there be a little chance that this band will do comeback is the random and most searched question about this band which is getting searched on the internet daily.

Till now we also don’t have any exact information about Calum by now but it has been heard from various sources that he may do comeback with his fellow members as well.

Rise to Height

Calum, Michael, and Luke were in the same school when they debut this band, all of them were friends and living in the same neighborhood as well. This group of boys was very interested in music, guitar, and drums. So, they decided to start their own group and name it 5 Seconds of Summer.

They started to add cover videos of the songs they used to record. Their turning point was Chris Brown’s song “Next to You” which became a great hit on YouTube and many people started to search for other songs of this young boys group.

Their career was more boom when at that time one of the best boys group One Direction’s singer Louis Tomlinson tweeted stating that this boy is a great need to follow them.

From this point, the band got more and more famous Sony ATV also signed them for new music videos and they also perform on “One Direction Tour” which was held in 2013.

Until this time these boys were only producing cover music videos but they also released their own 2014 and name it “She Looks So Perfect”. The song was a boom and it was also listed on top of Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden’s Music charts.

After they also released their own album which was very hit and even earned an award from “Kerrang” magazine. Shortly, after creating their music group from YouTube they also organized a tour in 2015.

Calum Hood A Special Band Member

He is one of the most followed and most searched band members of 5SOS, so there is also a question what makes this guy so special? The main reason is his voice, which is very sweet, awesome, and rocky to hear.

This man is one of the hard-working members of the band he also writes or composes music, so we can definitely praise his many other talents as well. He spent most of his time with his family member by now because the band members are not so active at the current stage.

He is also the most followed man on his band by ladies, yes ladies love him a lot, and many ladies have a huge crush on him as well.

Calum is a Vegetarian

According to various fan pages, Calum used to be a pescatarian (a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish) but later became nonvegetarian however, he then decided to eat more veggie items which later turned him into a vegetarian.

Did Calum leave 5sos?

No, he has not. In fact, many might think that they disbanded just like One Direction but that’s not the case the band is still together and pretty active.

People may have been confused because the band parted ways with their long-term management Interscope Records and according to dailymail they are now signed to a record label company YMU Group.

Calum is a Dropout Student of Norwest Christian College

According to the sources, Calum went to Norwest Christian College after graduating from Norwest Primary School. He was a bright student who was really interested in sports. Later at college, he met his crew or band members and they formed a band which we now know as 5 seconds of summer.

He was a pretty good football player and was even offered to play at a national football tournament but he refused the offer to play and dropped out to give more time for the band.

Calum is Currently Single

For all of those who are interested in his relationship status, let me tell you that he is said to be single currently. However, he has had been in a few relationships a past couple of years back.

According to various sources, he has been in at least 4 relationships till now including Nia lovelis, Caitlin Davis, Lucy Kaufmann, and Samantha Alaimo.

He Has Millions of Followers

Since Calum is one of the most popular band members, he is recognized globally and has millions of followers or fans.


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Calum is pretty active on various social media including Twitter and Instagram. He joined Twitter in November 2011 and has a total of 7 million followers currently and on Instagram he has more than 6 million followers, he joined Instagram on December 2, 2011.

He also has a Facebook page which he created on July 10, 2014, however, he is not active on Facebook.

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