Who is Rob Dyrdek’s Wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores?

Bryiana Noelle Flores, Rob Dyrdek, Husband, Body, Career & Net Worth

Bryiana Noelle Flores is a wife of famous American entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek. He is a famous businessman mostly known for hosting popular MTV show Ridiculousness.

Dyrdek has gone through a lots of hard time on hi struggle days and the main reason was also his best friend death who was on the same journey like him to build an empire on MTV.

Ridiculousness was first started on August 2011 and from that time the show has gained immense popularity, helping it’s hosts and actor to became a public sensation as well.

Bryiana was born in July 21, 1991 and her birth place was in Los Banos, California. She spent most of her childhood over there and she also finished her high school education from her born city.

Her wish was fulfilled

When Bryiana was 11 she was suffering from a diseases which seems almost no cure seeing no any hopes or chances of her illness to be cured Make-A-Wish-Foundation granted her one wish and her wish was to swim with dolphin in Hawaii. Good news was that she get cure of her diseases due to her patience and involving on medications.

She was able to beat her illness, thanks to her family and friends as well as Make-A-Wish-Foundation who helped her to overcome from this disease and also the hope as well strength provided by them.

When she was at school on her young age, she used to be a victim of school bully and this is all because of her body height and her ethnicity. She was a like a Asian girl due to her Filipino parents, so the reason of bully was due to her skin color as well. Anyway, she fight the bully and later became the strong lady with thick skin.

Looking on her body, whenever she tells other that she wants to be a model, people used to discourage. Her height was around 5.4 inch making her shorter than most of the established as well as upcoming models.

Anyway, she was so determined on her dreams that she made it came true. As soon as her education was finished she started to pursue a career on modelling.

In 2008, she was crowned as a Miss Teen of the USA and Miss California Teen in 2010. In this time she was one of the successful celebrity who is always brand first choice to endorse.

She also took a great step on her career when she was becoming Playboy’s Playmate of the Month. From her illness to people discouraging to making her wish came true what a role model. And in 2014, her fame was even more boomed and she won World’s Perfect Pageant.

Same like her husband Bryiana Noelle Flores is very serious on business as well, she is president of Iconic Beauty, cosmetic brand which sells makeup products for women.

Rob Dyrdek’s Proposal Style

In 2015, Dyrdek planned to propose his girlfriend for the marriage. When the couple were on Disney Land, they went to watch the Aladdin Show. While watching the show, Dyrdek said he need to go bathroom and than he went, but when he came back he was riding one of the shows elephant inside the Aladdin show, everything was already preplanned.

And in the show, Genie told Dyrdek that he has got three wishes, first was to be part of the show. Second, was for Flores to join him on the stage and third was Dyrdek get knee down with the ring. Check the photo from his official Instagram account.

Parents of two children

In March 2016, Rob announced that Bryiana was getting pregnant with their first child. In September, 2016 this happy couple welcomed their first son and named it Kodah Dash Dyrdek. After fifteen month of their first children, they welcomed their second children whose name is Nala.

Bryiana regularly shares her family life on internet and it looks like she is very happy and enjoying her happy times with her kids. When Nala was born, Rob posted on a Instagram with his family photo stating, “Nala is an angel from heaven. She is our princess and her name is Nala Ryan Dyrdek.”

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