Where is Bryan Randall’s daughter Skylar Staten Randall?

skylar staten randall

Skylar Staten Randall is the daughter of a famous American photographer, Bryan Randall. Her father Bryan is a professional photographer but that’s not what he is famous for rather than his photography skill, he is popular for dating renowned celebrities including Sandra Bullock and Paris St. John.

Furthermore, Bryan also seems to be a model as he has done modeling with huge brands such as Saint Laurent, Vogue Paris, and Hugo Boss. Also, he was seen with a supermodel Cindy Crawford, in a Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore spread in 2011.

There was a report suggesting Bryan’s daughter Skylar also tried to get into modeling. Certainly, she is known because of her father but she became popular because of her relationship with one of Hollywood’s finest actresses Sandra Bullock. She was really close to Sandra and they almost became mother-daughter and people still believe that the chances are high.

It has been reported that she had to suffer in her childhood but what exactly did she suffer from? and why did she cut ties with her father and Sandra? Find the answers in this article.

Short Biography of Skylar Staten Randall

Skylar was born in September of 1993 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She went to a local high school in Los Angeles and after her graduation, she went to Arizona for higher studies.

She is the daughter of photographer Bryan Randall and Janine Staten. As mentioned Skylar had to suffer a lot in her childhood. When she was nearly 11 years old, her mother Janine passed away because of a drug overdose (We’ll talk about this in detail later).

After her mother’s death, she went to live with her grandmother Pierrette but after two years, Skylar had to witness her grandmother’s death as well.

Who is Her Mother?

Skylar’s mother Janine loved her so much and according to an unknown source, she was really talented and she even had a dream of making it into Hollywood as a screenwriter. She even worked at MTV and used to date someone from the record label (DreamWorks Records).

She was a single mother as she and Bryan went their separate ways. According to the reports, she then married an addict, heroin dealer, and Blankenship guy named Michael Blankenship in Medford, Oregon, in 2001. As per the sources, they met at an unknown group of Narcotics.

The guy Janine used to date from DreamWorks Records was a high-profile man so when she was with him she got to meet with famous actors including Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, and Robert Downey Jr.

Her Mother’s Drug Addiction and Death

Janine had an addiction to heroin and because of her addiction, she went into a coma and was admitted to Rogue Valley Medical Center on December 6, 2003. Certainly hospital bills are not cheap but the hospital waived the massive medical costs because of her mother’s good deed.

Her mother used to be a volunteer in a Catholic voluntary organization and she worked tirelessly to take care of the vulnerable. She (Janine’s mother) died because of a heart attack while she was carrying goods for the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

As mentioned Skylar’s mother Janine was admitted to Rogue Valley Medical Center but her condition did not become better instead it became worse and finally on January 7, 2004, she took her last breath.

Why Did Skylar’s Parents Separate?

Skylar Staten Randall

A family member of them said that Bryan and Janine were in love but everything fell apart after Skylar was born. Bryan even confessed that when he and Janine conceived  Skyler, he was high on LSD.

Just like his wife, he was also a drug addict and he was even taken into custody for not being a responsible father, reported by Daily in September of 2015. While Skylar was still a baby Bryan did not take care of her so Janine sued him for unpaid child support.

Bryan’s Drug Addiction

As mentioned Bryan was also a drug addict and when his fiancee Janine was pregnant with Skylar, he was in rehab. It was confirmed by the family members that he was not even present in the early life of his daughter.

As mentioned above, he was sued for unpaid child support and court-ordered him to give child support money of monthly $187 as well as 10 months of child support which he had not paid, a total of $1,870.

He was even arrested in 1993 because he was driving under the influence in Multnomah County and in 1996 he was arrested again in 1996 for violating his probation.

Bryan Got Custody of Skylar

Skylar Staten Randall with Bryan

Skylar was living with her grandmother after her mother’s death but after her grandmother died, Bryan got custody of Skylar in 2007. Skylar was 14 when she started living with her father in Los Angeles.

Like I said Bryan was not around when Skylar was a child and she and her mother had a real hard time, and Janine never talked about Bryan in front of Skylar, reported by Eric Engelbach to Dailymail. Eric also said that Skylar’s grandmother did a great job raising her as she had to work really hard for Skylar.

Bryan could not have custody of Skylar but it was given to him only because of the unfortunate death of Skylar’s mother Janine and grandmother Perri.

It is not clear if Bryan was sober when he got custody of his daughter but he is sober now and it has been a very long time since he touched drugs. What made him get rid of his addiction? According to the sources, after Bryan’s mother died, it triggered him and he started becoming a responsible person. He is now one of the famous photographers and the owner of Bryan Randall Photography.

Skylar’s Relationship with Sandra Bullock

Skyler’s father Bryan was hired by Sandra to shoot the birthday of her 12 years old adopted son’s (Louis Bardo Bullock) birthday on January 10, 2015. They were drawn to each other after their meeting and after some time they even went on a double date with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

While many media and news suggest that Sandra and Skylar are really close but it is not true at all instead Skylar decided that she would not live with her father and his girlfriend Sandra. She lives in a two-bedroom apartment instead of living in $16 million at Beverly Hills, Radaronline reported in July 2019.

It seems that she does not want to do anything with Bryan and Sandra as she even refused to use Bryan’s last name. Maybe Skylar does not any help from each of them, it may be related to her tragic upbringing who knows.

Sandra Wanted to Adopt Skylar

According to a US publication from  November 2017, Sandra was ready to adopt her boyfriend Bryan’s daughter Skylar. While she wanted to keep this news under the media attention, the media somehow found out about the news.

It is not clear if she adopted Skylar or not but one thing is certain Sandra thinks of Skylar as her own daughter but it was also reported that Skylar then moved with her father and Sandra at Beverley Hills and she loves Louis and Laila, Sandra’s adopted children. In fact, it was also reported that Skylar now calls Sandra her mother.

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