Who is Bruce Boxleitner Wife, Verena King Boxleitner?

Verena King Boxleitner is an American publicist and a founder of a company called King Social LLC. This company is a PR company that helps celebrities and other high provide individuals maintain Public Relations.

Verena is a multi-talented personality born in the San Fernando Valley in California, USA. She is in her 40s but we don’t have her exact birth date but later moved to Las Vegas. Her career began on the radio while she was studying Law at the University of Nevada. She has worked in radio for more than 7 years.

Verena wanted to become a dancer

Verena always had an interest in dance. At an early age, she started ballet and wanted to be a full-time dancer. But at age 19, she suffered a back injury and had to leave her passion.

Then she started a pro career as a sales assistant. She worked for five years a KSNE-FM and was promoted to the Director Post as well. In 2015, she left the radio world and opened her own company named King Social which is focused on small business and communications.

Verena has worked in the PR firm for more than 15 years with links to many super-famous celebrities at an international level. She has expertise in implementing campaigns that level gather local and national media for talented individuals.

In addition to online marketing. Verena also promotes talent in a wide range of other ways as well. She implements the basic philosophy of digital marketing to build a strong case for her clients.

Verena is Bruce Boxleitner third wife

Verena King with Bruce Boxleitner

In the month of January 2013, Veronica met Bruce Boxleitner for the first time. Just after some time of the meeting, the couple got together and started dating. Being in a relationship, they finally decided to take their relationship to the next level and decided to get engaged in the February of 2016. The couple got married on the 5th of October 2016, this wedding ceremony was held privately with their closed ones at Oahu, Hawaii.

We know that Bruce is the first husband of Verena but she is not the first wife of Bruce. He was initially married to Kathryn Holcomb with whom he has 2 children named Lee and Sam.

After their divorce, Holcomb started dating the American actor Ian Ogilvy. On the other hand, Bruce tied the knot with Melissa Gilbert who was his second wife and the marriage took place in 1995.

He had a child with Melissa from this love life, this relationship did not really last long and they split in March of 2011. Two years later, Bruce started dating Veronica!

Verena King is rich

Since Verena is a founder and president of a PR firm that manages high-profile celebrities, her income is very solid. The company makes a record amount every year and her net worth has exceeded a million dollars because of it.

Founder and president of King Social, LLC, and Verena King PR, She makes a lot of money every year.

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