All About Catherine Bell Partner – Brooke Daniells (Relationship, Sexuality, Net Worth)

Brooke Daniells
Date of Birth 1986
Profession Photographer
Height 5.10 Inches
Partner Catherine Bell

Brooke Daniells is now hot topic around the world and many people started to search about her. The main reason is because of her relationship with famous British Actress Catherine Bell.

She is also famous for her work in photography and she has also worked with many notable famous magazines.


Brooke Daniells was born in 1986, her birth place was Texas, USA. She attended her education along with her brother and sister. As per our research we got to know that she finished her schooling on 2004.

After, finishing her study she also studied at local university in Texas. After reading on university she finished her Bachelor’s in Communication.

Brooke Daniells Relationship & Sexuality

Brooke Daniells with Catherine Bell Partner

We know that Brooke is dating Catherine, but in past she used to be a married woman. And some sources claim that she did marriage somewhere between (2002-2004).

Brooke and her husband has two kids from her first relationship. Brooke children name is Sage and Zoe.

But, the marriage failed and they did divorce. After that their two sons lives with their father but not with Brooke Daniells.

Not only Brooke but her partner Catherine also a married woman in past and her ex-husband name is Adam Beason, they also have two children.

But this couple also did divorce in 2011. And started to date with Brooke Daniells.

In year 2011, Brooke and Catherine but met and start to date. Since than this couple is living together.


Daniells is the student of communication and she also has the best communication skills. But she choose the career of photography. And she also has the great success in her photography career.

Her clients also said that she has the best service, and she know about her work in deep and also provide the quality result on her every tasks. She has also won many awards in photography field.

Living in same house

This couple lives in $2,050,000 worth of house with the area of 1.2 acres. Their house is located at western suburbs of Los Angeles. And they both live with two kids, who are the child of Catherine.

Daniells Mother Upset

When Daniells mother Penny Atwel learn about this couple, that they are lesbian and living together she got upset with her daughter.

Penny a mother of Brooke was not accepting this because she is also a member of the popular and respected Church of Scientology, But later she accepted it.

Social Media Presence

Like many famous people, Brooke also use social media and keep updated to her fans about her. She has a good following in her Instagram account and which is about 133,000 plus by now. And she also uses twitter.

Brooke Daniells Net Worth

She has not disclose anything about her income or salary. So, her net worth is still not confirmed. Some sources claimed that she has net worth of around $1 Million.

Anyway, her income is soon to be going up if she will not stop her career on photography.

On the other hand her partner net worth is about more than $15 Million which she made from her fame and name in entertainment industry.

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