Who Is Brock Lesnar Son Turk Lesnar?

Turk Lesnar

WWE Superstar Brock Lesner is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers and mixed martial artists of all time. He is the only one to hold all the primary heavyweight championships in WWE, UFC, NJPW, and the NCAA. Recently, his son Turk Lesnar has been in the limelight and getting media attention being the son of one of the most celebrated wrestlers.

Brock welcomed his son Turk with his wife Rena Lesnar (aka Sable). Sable is a retired wrestler who has also built a prolific career as an actress and model. Even though Brock is renowned all over the world, not much is known about his children.

But in today’s article, we will be focusing only on one of his children, namely Turk. Let’s find out what is he up to these days and everything related to his childhood and personal life as well.

Turk Lesner weighed 9 pounds at the time of his birth

Turk Lesnar was born on 3rd June 2009 in Minnesota, United States. As mentioned earlier, he is the son of renowned wrestler Brock Lesnar and his wife Rena Mero Lesnar (aka Sable). It is also revealed that he weighed 9 pounds at the time of his birth. For the first few years of his childhood, he grew up in his birthplace Minnesota until his father sold their rural estate which was outside Minneapolis for $750 k in 2014.

Talking about the rural estate, the 43 wooded acres property in Maple Plain, Minn has 3247 square feet of living space with an updated kitchen, four-bedroom, and 3.5 baths as well as pair of offices. It was built in the year 1996. Additionally, it is reported that the distinguished boxer plunked down $783,500 for the property in April 2003.

According to his birthdate, Turk is currently 13 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini. It is reported that he spends most of his free time at home watching animated movies. His favorite movies are How To Train Your Dragon, Robin Hood, Zootropolis, Harry Potter, The Art of Getting By, and Beauty and the Beast. Additionally, he is also keen on playing video games on his phone rather than on the PlayStation 4 that his father bought him for his ninth birthday.

Does Turk Lesner have any siblings?

Turk has four siblings in total. He has an older half-sister from his mother’s first marriage to Wayne W. Richardson, named Mariah. His mother was in a marital relationship with Richardson until he died in a drunk driving accident in 1991.

Turk also has twin half-siblings from his father’s relationship with his former fiancée Nicole McClain; a sister named Mya Lynn and a brother named Luke. Currently, Mya competes in track & field at Arizona State Univerity. She has a great athletic ability and even took part in the Monticello Invitational track event where she scored potential scores as well.

Turk has a younger brother named Duke Lesnar. He was born on 21st July 2010 and he has developed a strong passion for hockey along with his brother Turk. Both of them p[lay for the Wawota Minor Hockey organization. They also represented their U-13 hockey team at Moose Mountain Minor Hockey League. Additionally, they frequently watch several ice hockey games with their father.

Who is Turk Lesnar’s Mother?

Turk’s mother name is Rena Mero Lesnar and she is widely known as Sable. She is a popular wrestler and has already won the WWF championship.

Sable is not just a wrestler but she is also an actor and a fine model, when she was 12 years old she won a beauty contest and she started her career in the fashion world at a very early age later many companies call her for the modeling and she was lucky to get chance on many of them.

Sable left WWE, where she accused them of sexual harassment and filed a $110 million lawsuit.

Turk’s parents had called off their engagement

Turk’s parents Brock and Sable had started dating back in 2004. The two had decided to get engaged in the same year but the couple decide to call off their engagement in early 2005. However, they rekindled their relationship and got engaged again back in January 2006.

Later, the couple decided to walk down the aisle on Saturday, 6th of May 2006. They held their wedding ceremony in Medina, Minnesota. They also threw a big party at the Medina Ballroom. At the event, a number of wrestler friends and other famed people were present.

Talking about Sable, she is a multi-faced p[personality who has built a highly successful career in several fields. However, she is mostly known for her time in WWE. Additionally, she is also a model who initially worked for companies such as L’Oréal, Pepsii, and Guess?.

She was also considered to be a sex symbol and appeared on the cover of Playboy three times. Sable is also an actress and she has worked in a few moves and TV shows. Some of her works include Corky Romano, Sins of the Realm, First Wave, and Relic Hunter. 

Turk and his brother play Hockey

brock lesnar sons

Turk has a brother and his brother’s name is Duke, he was born in 2010. Their dad Brock loves them very much and he tries to fulfill all their desires. Many times the family has been spotted by the media where Turk and his brother Duke seem to be enjoying the company of his parents.

Like their parents, this kid has also developed an immense love for sports but they are not into fighting sports. From an early age, these kids developed a high interest in hockey and they have a strong passion for this sport. By now these kids are playing for the Wawota Minor Hockey organization.

Till now they have already played under-13 hockey at Moose Mountain Minor Hockey League.

What is Turk Lesner up to these days? How much does he earn?

At the present, Turk resides on a farm near the village of Maryfield located 250 kilometers southeast of Regina, Maryfield, Saskatchewan with his parents and other family members. He is living quite a rural life without any fear of media scrutiny.

Brock did an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter where he revealed that he loved his farm. He added, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.”

As mentioned earlier, he is just 13 years old and he must be focusing on his studies rather than earning money. He is still studying at school so he is yet to earn his own wealth. However, his father has an estimated net worth of $25 million, and his mother’s estimated net worth is $10 million. Thus, he must be living a quite lavish and comfortable life.

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