Who is Brock Lesnar’s daughter, Mya Lynn Lesnar?

Mya Lynn Lesnar

UFC fighter and former WWE champion Brock Lesnar also has a daughter and her name is Mya Lynn Lesnar. She is also an athlete, she has been following her father footsteps and Mya is also doing best on her career.

Mya Lynn is a volleyball player and her skills on this game is outstanding. After Sun Devil Track and Field announced that they are on a Mya Lyn Lesnar acquisition process, her fame and demand for the game rose quickly.

She is also claimed as one of the best shot-putters all over the USA, she started her training from early age and she is also said as the god gifted volleyball player.

Who is Mya Lynn Lesnar?

Mya Lynn Lesnar was born in April 10, 2002 and her birthplace was in USA. Her father is superstar Brock Lesnar and her mother name is Nicole McClain, her mother Nicole was never married to Brock and she give her birth remaining as a girlfriend of Brock.

Her family was originated from Germany, and she also has a twin brother named Luke Lesnar. Besides, this she also got a half-brother and their name is Turk and Duke Lesnar.

We don’t have any information about her education but she is still on her school days and yet to make to the college. As of 2020, it has also said that she has already signed with Arizona State University.

Her skills on volleyball is pro and Brock has helped her a lot to pursue her dream on Volleyball world, there is huge chance that she will be Pro player.

When Mya was starting her dream as a Volleyball player, her parents used to visit and attend her games on schools to cheer her up.

We don’t know if she will change her career from Volleyball to Wresting like her father but we know that she is a pro volleyball player and she will do her best.

Is Mya Lynn Lesnar Single?

It looks like she has not found any lover in her life till now but she is just 19 years old and there is enough time that she will find her love soon. At the mean time it looks like she is trying to do her best on Volleyball and also focusing a lot in her career.

Mya Lynn is very shy to come in media spotlight and she don’t like to get on the eye of public. Due to this reason there has been no any detailed information about her is available on the internet by now.

Brock is a guy who don’t like to talk about his private life so, he also has not talked anything about his daughter as well as about his love life too.

Sixth Best Shot Putter

She is doing best on Volleyball and she is also claimed as the sixth best shot putter of all time. Arizona State University enrolled looking just after looking her skills and abilities on this game, her teams are waiting for the best and more surprising act of her in the future games.

Her potential has been recognized already by her team, father and fans of volleyball.

Mya Lynn Lesnar New Career

She just signed with Arizona State University and involved in their team as well, Sun Devils TXFC posted on their Twitter account stating that Mya is a part of their family.

Due to her skill on Volleyball, it is also said that she has received a scholarship worth $21,000 from Arizona State.

Mya Lynn Lesnar Net Worth

Mya Lynn potential on the volleyball world has already seen but by now she has not making any money soon in future it is sure that she will make good sum of money. Mya Lynn Salary, income or any other financial information has not revealed to the world till now.

On the other side father, Brock Lesnar has $28 Million as a net worth and he is also second most paying athlete in WWE with $8.5 Million annual fee.

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