Where is Brittany Ashton Holmes Now? Darla from “The Little Rascals”

brittany ashton holmes

Brittany Holmes became famous pretty quick. She was just 5 years old when she became a household name across the globe and she left an imprint on the hearts and minds of many people. Her character is quite confident and she has displayed this confidence at just the age of five years old. Everyone knows Brittany as Darla from the 1994 movie named ‘The Little Rascals’ which was directed by Penelope Spheeris.

This movie made her a hit superstar. But aside from her success as an actress, what is Brittany’s actual life like? Let us find out today.

What was Brittany’s early life like?

Brittany Ashton Holmes was born in the year 1989. She was born in California. Brittany attended her high school in Southern California where she played soccer for her local school team. Her parents got to know about her talent for acting at an early age and she was made a child artist. Her smile made her the darling of many. It was her charm as a child actor that made her quite a catch. Besides her academic career, she was quite interested in Travelling. While she has not expressed any desire to carry on with her acting career, She does prefer to travel the world as well.

Brittany’s rise in her Career

brittany ashton holmes

Holmes’ career started off as a child actor with her role as Darla in the family comedy film titled ‘The Little Rascals.’ The film was quite a success with the young people and she became an instant success as well. Darla was one of the main characters in the movie and she got the eyes of everyone because of this movie. In this movie, her acting talents were showcased and she looked quite great as well.

The movie was quite a hit and Holmes was known as Darla for the most part of her childhood. She also got many awards for her role. In this movie, she drew the attention of many people. Next year, she got the role of Julie and Dana in the TV serial named Ellen and Red Shoe Diaries respectively. These TV serials were a major departure from the family comedy and the viewership in that lane.

In the year 1996, Brittany rose to science fiction fame when she appeared in the crime drama named ‘Inhumanoid.’ She also did some sequels to the crime drama. These were low-budget sci-fi movies but they helped her grow as an actress. Brittany displayed a wide range of emotions in these films and this led to her being cast in more films.

More About Brittany’s Career

Besides these few movies and TV series, Brittany also made appearances in a few commercials like Baby Guess and McDonald’s in the early ’90s. After 20 years, she also did a reunion with a cast of ‘The Little Rascals.’ It was organized by the Production company named 22 vision.

Holmes was initially very reluctant to attend the event as she took a break from acting but later on, she decided to go for it. Her personality really helped her in this regard.

The response was quite good. So, she decided to attend the reunion and even took part in a photoshoot that portrayed the cast of ‘Then and Now.’ In addition to this, the team also recreated the movie poster and classic scenes.

Moving on, Brittany is still very successful today. She still has that childhood charm that made her quite a great personality. Currently, though, she is not interested in acting anymore. Since she has taken a break, Brittany is more focused on getting back to her acting career as opposed to continuing with her studies.

Right now, she is quite famous on Twitter where she follow base is decent enough. Other than that, she is not quite available on other social media platforms. No Facebook and certainly No Instagram! She is quite a private person so, this might be a reason for the lack of a social media presence.

How much is Brittany Holmes worth?

Brittany has done a lot of films over the years. She has been acting since a child so, the amount of money she earns is quite significant. Brittany has been in the industry for far too long and she knows her worth. While we don’t really know the exact figure, we think that she is definitely a millionaire. She lives quite a decent life.

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