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9 Things You Want To Know About Briggitte Bozzo



Briggitte Bozzo

Briggitte Bozzo is an Actress who started the career from very early age. She has been on acting career from many years and she has also played on a movie from the age of 10. On 2011, she did first role on a movie named “Amar de nuevo”. Since, than he has been playing on many movies as a successful actor.

She was born in Venezuela but she has been living in USA from many years and also she has kicked her career from USA as well. But now time has come and she has been doing very best on her role so, many people has taken a lot of interest towards her.

Today, we are going to know about her facts and everything related to her that you want to know about her.

She is Young

Born at 2001 she is very young girl with around 20 years of old by now, but she has already did her great job on acting. She was born and raised in Venezuela but due to many conflicts inside Venezuela she left the country and her whole family moved to USA.

She still recalls her beautiful memories on her own birthplace and she enjoys it a lot.

Three Years Old When She Made Her First Acting Appearance

This is actually very interesting to know that she kicked her career from too much early age. We all know about her role at the age of 10 but she herself said, that she has forget all the roles or acting that she made at the age of 3.

But it is true that she made her first role at very early age on the show called “Rebelde” and her character was Luz on that show and since, than her life has took a new path in entertainment world.

Active Instagram User

She is a very active Instagram user and you can also check her Instagram profile as well. She has over more than 2 Million followers and she has a lots of posts over there and you can also see her on sexy bikini poses on her profile.

She enjoys it so much and she loves to posts a photos about her and her surroundings a lot, she is active on Instagram but she don’t post a lot over there.

She Uses TikTok

Not just Instagram she is also an active user in TikTok as well and you can check that she has about more than 14 Million followers on TikTok as well.

At the age, of 19 with over more than 14 Million followers is very insane and awesome, you can check her lip sync videos on her TikTok profile as well.

She’s Talented

As we already said that she started her career from very early age you can clearly guess that she is very talented and passionate about her work as well. Her talent can be recognize easily and it has been recognizing globally as well.

On her very young age she still manage to complete her role in very astonishing and perfect way despite her small age and we can also hear that many medias has claimed her as a successful child actress.

She’s Dating

Bozzo is currently dating and there is not so much information has been revealed about her private life because she doesn’t speak about it on public as well. There was also a rumor that Conrado Villagra named boy was claimed to be her boyfriend.

And the rumor spread when both of them started to share their together photos on Instagram, TikTok and on many other places but they don’t talk about it so, we cannot confirm that weather they are dating or not.

Her Hairstyle

Briggi Bozzo hairstyle is very awesome and due to her unique mix of color as well as hair style, she has become a recognizable girl as well. Her hair is bold and curly with red in color has made her very beautiful as well as very famous too.

She loves to redesign her hair color and styles time to time but her main hair styles is very awesome and you will also love it.

She is in Miami

After leaving her birthplace Venezuela she has been living on Miami with her family. Her most of the childhood was spent over Miami as well and she also completed her education from there as well.

She is Loves Private Life

She was only 19 years old, and she has been on the eye of public from many years as well but she has kept her life very private and out from spotlight from very long time. Her life as a actress has only came in limelight but her private life has not spotted on the public eye as well.

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