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Lacey Hester

The question about Lacey Hester’s marriage is all over the internet these days. She recently had uploaded a picture of her family on her Social Media that showed her husband and two kids. This went quite viral. So, who is her husband? Well, the gentleman’s name is Noah Hester and the couple actually got married in the August of 2016. The pair is even blessed with two children. They are named Zurie and Jeb. The children are seven and three years old. Anyway, let us now talk about Lacey and her life so, let us get started!

Lacey Hester’s Childhood and Education

Lacey was born Lacey Luttrull. She was born in the year 1989. This makes her 31 years old as of 2020. She is in the entertainment industry now. Lacey acts and is known for being a part of the reality TV show named The Bradshaw Bunch.

She was born in Dallas, Texas and her childhood was spent in the state of Texas, America. Her parents are Tammy Alice and David Lacey Luttrull. Her parents were divorced when she was young. After this, her mother started to date the then famous NFL Super Bowl-winning quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

In terms of siblings, Lacey has a brother named David Cody Luttrull. He sadly passed away in 2009. The death took place because of a drug OD. He was a drug addict who used heroin excessively.

Lacey also has two other stepsisters from Terry. They are Rachel and Erin Bradshaw. They are born to Terry’s third wife Charla Hopkins. Terry was also previously married to very big celebrities like Melissa Babish and JoJo Starbuck.

Lacey’s relationship with her stepfather is quite good. The two share a solid relationship and they are both the part of the show named The Bradshaw Bunch. You can watch the show on E!

Terry has always treated Lacey as her own biological daughter. The dynamic between the two is quite nice as well. The two share hobbies and mutual interests like Sports.

What is Lacey’s professional life like?


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Lacey Hester’s professional life is quite good. She is well known for being on the cast of The Bradshaw Bunch. This show is all about the Bradshaw family and their mother as well as two stepsisters. The show has been on the air for a while now and it is quite great. In addition to this, Lacey has also been contributing to the Basketball Team in a girl’s high school.

Lacey Hester has got a very good personality. She stands at a tall height of over 5 feet and 5 inches. She is quite fit as well. Lacey has maintained her fitness level by being active in different sports and she also follows a very strict workout plan. We don’t know the exact statistics of Lacey’s height, weight, feet size, and more.

Personal Life of Lacey

As we mentioned earlier, Lacey is now married to Noah Hester. Noah is a chef actually who works in a very big restaurant. After the marriage, Lacey converted her name to Lacey Hester-Luttrull.  They got married in 2015 and are blessed with two children named Zurie and Jeb.

How much is Lacey Hester worth?

Quite a lot, actually! Lacey has got a really good net worth. She is worth around 750,000 USD. She is quite popular for belonging to the Bradshaw Family. There are many chances that Lacey is also involved in many entrepreneurial ventures. There are no sufficient proofs for that though. We don’t have enough knowledge to justify her business ventures. She has made this money all by herself and enjoys a very good life. While it is not a life of full luxury, it is still quite great. Lacey is also fond of her family and the members stay together in harmony.

Social Media

Lacey Hester can be found on Instagram and Facebook. She has managed to get a good following in these platforms and she can be reached quite easily as well. Lacey makes frequent posts about her life and family on Social Media. She also promotes her show and brands that she endorses. Commonly, she shows how good the relation between her and other family members is. The Bradshaw family is tightly knit. This can be seen in her many social media posts as well.

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