Troy Dendekker: Who is Bradley Nowell’s wife?

Troy Dendekker

Troy Dendekker is well known as the wife of late American musician Bradley Nowell. Bradley was the lead singer and guitarist of the ska-punk band Sublime. Troy came into the limelight after the death of her husband and has been largely identified in the media as Nowell’s widow. She has been carrying on the legacy created by the band in the 90s while owing to the identity and recognization she gained as the singer’s spouse.

Additionally, she had even proposed a documentary about the journey of Sublime with or without Nowell. In the wake of her husband’s death from a heroin overdose, she also runs awareness campaigns on drug addiction. She is blessed with children and is apparently leading a great life in the present. In today’s article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Troy’s life including her relationship, early life, whereabouts, and more.

Troy Dendekker is not the only child of her parents

Troy Dendekker was born on 8th March 1971. She is the daughter of David Newton and his wife Robin Newton. She grew up in a very tight-knit family and she is not the only child of her parents.

David and Robin had welcomed another son as well. Her brother’s name is Draak. But unfortunately, her brother has passed away already. According to her birthdate, she is currently 51 years old and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Troy hasn’t revealed much about her personal life and her early days so not much is known about her. Additionally, we also don’t know about her educational qualification and her career.

Troy Dendekker’s relationship with Bradley

As we have constantly mentioned in this article, Troy is actually the ex-wife or should we say widow of Sublime’s lead vocalist the late great Bradley Nowell. Their relationship started way back in the early 90s when Nowell was supposedly out on one of his tours.

Sublime had just started when the two were in a relationship and they had gained a really good reputation around the California Area. They played different gigs and the venues were always sold out. The band had a fusion of electric and rock genres and they quickly gained the attention of different people.

They even created their own record label named Skunk Records and this helped them get more shows. Because of their widespread fanbase, the band got a tour contract and was planning to go on a tour. It was during this time that Troy and Nowell met each other. The couple loved each other and Dendekker got pregnant before the pair got married.

Troy gave birth to her only child Jakob James Nowell on 25th August 1995. After the arrival of their son, the couple decided to walk down the aisle on 18th May 1996. The theme of their wedding ceremony was Hawaiian and it was held in Los Vegas. Only their closest friends and family were invited to the wedding.

The tragic death of her husband after the wedding

Troy Dendekker With Her Late Husband Bradley Nowell

The relationship between Bradley and his wife was going pretty well but then things got really bad when tragedy struck. Troy’s husband died on the morning of 25th May 2016. Sadly, he died just weeks after he married Troy due to a heroin overdose.

Nowell along with his band members was staying at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco where the incident took place. Bud Gaugh was one of the band members who woke up to find Bradley laying dead on his bed next to him. He panicked when he saw his friend lying idle like that so, he called the paramedics. Soon after, the doctors pronounced him dead and said that he had died hours earlier.

It was also revealed that Bradley had tried waking up his band members to go out to the beach earlier that morning but they were too hungover to go out. The aftermath of his death was quite inspiring though. Nowell was cremated and his ashes were spread in a surfing spot in California. A headstone was also placed near the West minister Memorial for his memory.

After some days, Troy, who was 26 at the time talked about her husband’s death with tears rolling down her cheeks. She said, “At first, I was so angry. I wanted him here so I could yell at him.”

A benefit concert was organized to remember him around 8 months after Nowell’s death. Troy did not want his death to be made glamorous. Instead, she wanted to promote drug awareness with this concert. Thus, the proceeds from it were given to non-profit organizations for different musicians who struggle with drug addiction. They also did this concert to set up a foundation for Jakob who is Nowell’s son. It was a very good gesture by everyone involved.

What is Troy Dendekker up to these days?

Losing someone close to you is very hard for anyone, especially if the person is someone you love immensely. Similarly. it was really difficult for Troy as well as she lost her longtime boyfriend turned husband just a week after their marriage. Troy is still devastated at this loss even though it has been more than two decades.

She keeps on posting photos of the two on her social media. It looks like she still seems to have the same love for him. Thus, she shared a beautiful photo of herself together with Bradley on her Instagram on 5th September 2020. She even captioned the post, “Hi Bradly #mybeloved”.

However, Troy has moved on and got married for the second time to Kiki Holmes (aka Keith Holmes) a few years after the death of her husband. She got married to Kiki on 1st November 2002.

Kiki even shared a photo of his marriage certificate dedicating it to his 14 years of togetherness in October 2016. He had even captioned the post, “4 years with the woman that I love so much. Feels like 36 years haha I love my wife and what we created together. #onlylove”.

Unfortunately, the post has been already deleted. Furthermore, Troy’s second husband even shared a video clip that featured photos from their wedding on the occasion of their 15th wedding anniversary. The post has been also deleted already.

The two were enjoying a great marital relationship but despite all the bonding and love for one another, the pair had separated and are no longer together. The couple filed for divorce on 25th July 2018 as per the documents. There’s no information on whether their divorce is finalized yet.

How many children does Troy Dendekker have?

As mentioned earlier, Troy had welcomed a son named Jakob from her first marriage. In addition to that, she is blessed with three other children as well. She had given birth to three kids as her matrimonial relationship with Kiki lasted for over 16 years.

The name of her youngest child hasn’t been revealed yet. But the name of her other two children is Rudy and Mary.  It is revealed that she shares a great relationship with all of her kids and she often shares the pictures of them together on her social media.

Moreover, she has even shared a photo of all four children on the occasion of Jakob’s 25th birthday. You can watch the photo down below.

Troy dendekker and her children

Troy’s net worth and presence on social media

Talking about Troy’s net worth, she must have gotten quite a fortune from Bradley after his death as he was very much successful. It is estimated that he must have left her more than a million dollars which she must have invested over the years. So, while we don’t have any idea what her current net worth is, we can confidently speculate that it is in the millions.

Additionally, she is also quite active on social media sites, especially on Facebook and Instagram. She has got over 2.3k followers on her Instagram account with 5,901 posts to date. It seems that she has made her Facebook account private so we can’t see her profile.

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