About Late Bradley Nowell’s Wife, Troy Dendekker

Troy Dendekker

Troy Dendekker is the widowed wife of the great late American Musician Bradley Nowell. If you are a musician, you might remember Bradley from the band Sublime. Sublime was a great band in the Ska-Punk genre. Troy was married to Nowell when Nowell was alive. As she is the widowed wife of Bradley, she has been the one to carry all the legacy of the band in today’s age. She has also been constantly involved in making the band get the recognition to a massive audience today.

Troy does this by running awareness campaigns on addiction and more social causes. Aside this, Troy has her own personal life, career, achievements and everything. So, today we are going to take a look at her life and see what we can learn from her. So, without wasting anytime, let us get started.

Childhood and Early Life

Troy was born in the year 1971. Her father is David Newton and her mother’s name is Robin Newton. She grew up in a very tight knit family and she even had a sibling. Her brother’s name is Draak. But unfortunately, her brother has passed away already.

Relationship with Bradley Nowell

Troy Dendekker With Her Late Husband Bradley Nowell

As we have constantly mentioned in this article, Troy is actually the ex-wife or should we say widow of Sublime’s lead vocalist the late great Bradley Nowell. Their relationship started way back in the early 90s.

During their relationship, Sublime had just started and they had gained a really good reputation around the California Area. They played different gigs and the venues were always sold out. The band had a fusion of electric and rock genres and they quickly gained attention of different people. They even created their own record label named Skunk Records and this helped them get more shows. Because of their widespread fanbase, the band got a tour contract and was planning to go on a tour.

This was the time when Troy actually got to meet Nowell. It was just before he was going on a tour with the band. This relationship was strong, the couple loved each other and Dendekker got pregnant before the pair were married. In 1995, she gave birth to the only child of Jakob James Nowell.

After a year of their son’s birth, they decided to get married. On June 25, 1995, Troy finally married Bradley. They had an impressive wedding in Las Vegas. Only their closest friends and family were invited to the wedding. The two were married till the time Bradley died so, it was a great relationship overall.

The Famous Lou Dog

The Nowell family is famous for many things and Lou Dog is one of them. The story goes like this, In 1990 Nowell got a puppy from an old man for around half a grand and he named it “Louie” after his own grandpa. The dog is also known as Lou Dog and the whole family loved it. Troy took care of the dog and she liked Louie too. This dog also became the official mascot for Sublime. They even got the dog on stage during their live concerts. In addition, it was also featured on the cover of many Sublime albums and you can also see different references to the dog in many of their songs.

Bradley Nowell’s Death


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The relationship between Bradley and his wife was going so good but then things got really bad when Tragedy struck. Troy’s husband died in the year 1996. Yes, he died just weeks after he married Troy. The cause of death? Heroin Overdose.

This happened at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco where Nowell was staying with his band members. It was Bud Gaugh who is a part of the band who woke up to find Bradley dead on his bed next to him. Gaugh panicked when he saw his friend lying idle like that so, he called the paramedics. Soon after, the doctors pronounced him dead and said that he had died hours earlier.

The aftermath of his death was quite inspiring though. Nowell was cremated and his ashes were spread in the surfing Spot in California. A headstone was also placed near the West minister Memorial for his memory.

After around 8 months of Nowell’s death, a benefit concert was organized to remember him. Troy did not want his death to be made glamorous. Rather she wanted to promote drug awareness with this concert. Proceeds from it were given to non profit organizations for different musicians who struggle with drug addiction. They also did this concert to setup a foundation for Jakob who is Nowell’s son. It was a very good gesture by everyone involved. 

Losing someone close to you is very hard for anyone and when you lose a loved one, it’s specially harder. Troy had the same feeling with herself when she lost her husband to a drug overdose. Even though it has been more than two decades, Troy is still devastated at this loss. She still thinks highly of Bradley and it seems like she won’t be forgetting her late husband anytime soon. The 49 years old widowed Troy still uploads pictures of herself with Bradley on her social media. Speaking of which, she also has social media!

Social Media

Troy is very active on all social media sites. Her Instagram has a modest following and she kind of engages with her fanbase there. For a widowed wife of a late celebrity, her 13K Instagram followers is not really bad. She is also very active on Facebook but her profile there is private. She is a bit private person in general.

Second Husband Keith Holmes

After the death of her husband, Troy remarried. She got married to Keith Holmes in 2002 and they were together happily married for more than 15 years. Troy had a son Jakob with Bradley but she also has three more children from Keith. Their names are Rudy and Mary. We unfortunately don’t know the name of the third child.

Net Worth

When Bradley Died, he was successful enough so, he left quite a fortune for his wife. He had left more than a million dollars for her wife which she must have invested over the years. So, while we don’t have any idea what her current net worth is, we can confidently speculate that it is in the millions. Probably more a million dollars!

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