Who Is Bobby Seagull’s Partner? About His Love Life

Bobby Seagull

Bobby Seagull is a popular mathematics teacher, broadcaster, and writer. Bobby is known for writing books like “The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers” and “Monkman and Seagull Quiz Book Bobby Seagull” he became popular after he appeared in a famous BBC show called University Challenge in 2017 where he showed how intelligent he is.

He also came into the limelight because of his love life. So who is Seagull’s partner? we will talk about his love life and partner further in this article but first, we will try to know more about Seagull and his career.

Even though his name was in the headline because of his love life, it may be quite shocking for few to know that Seagull is actually single, yes he is not in a relationship with anyone currently.

Certainly, we will discuss more his love life down below but for now, let’s get to know more about Bobby like is his name even real? How did he start his career? where was he born? and how old is Bobby Seagull? find the answer to all these questions in this article.

Is Bobby Seagull his real name?

If we think about it, Bobby Seagull is an odd name and even Bobby himself has stated that it is a “pretty uncommon” name. So you all know about the “Dad why is my sister named rose” meme right? because it is pretty same with Bobby as his father really loved the book that came out in the 70s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

His mother wanted Seagull to be his middle name because in South India there is a tradition to be known by one’s middle name. Again there’s also a tradition of keeping the same first name, his first name is Jay. And call it Bobby’s last name, surname, or family name it is Jose.

So, the answer to this question is no Bobby Seagull is not his real name. His real name would be “Jay Bobby Jose” or Jay Bobby Seagull Jose.

Who Is Bobby Seagull’s Partner?

Just as I mentioned above, Bobby is not in a relationship with anyone right now, he is single. He has kept his love life and personal life out from the media so there are not many things known about him. However, he is very much in love, and do you know what he is in love with?

Yes, that’s right he is in love with mathematics. He even has written in his book that maths might help with dating. Furthermore, a very interesting fact is that Bobby is banned by the dating app called Hinge which he Twitted about in 2019 because concerns were raised about the validity of his account.

He also opened up and stated in a 2017 interview that he would make an awful partner if he dated because he is very busy as he is working on numerous projects. However, he also said that he might be able to date before he turns into past tense.

Where was Bobby Seagull born?

Bobby was born in 1984 but there is no information regarding the full date of his birth as well as his birthplace. His parents came to London from Kerala and reports show that Bobby was raised in the London Borough of Newham. As a kid, Bobby was really into football. He went to St Michael’s Primary School and after graduating he enrolled at St Bonaventure’s located in Upton Park.

He got a scholarship at Eton College and he later went to the University of Oxford where he studied mathematics, but it seems that he didn’t complete his study but he later graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London.

His career

Throughout his life, he has worked as a trader, accountant, and teacher. First, right after graduating from Royal Holloway, he started working as a trader at Lehman Brothers, however, sometime after he joined the company they filed for bankruptcy. So he then started his career as an accountant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

He was studying for his master’s degree at the University of Cambridge and after completing the degree. He also completed his newly qualified teacher (NQT)

He teaches maths at a secondary school in London as a part-timer. He has also taught at Cambridge, Chesterton Community College, and East London Science School. He is also working for his doctorate degree since early 2018 at the University of Cambridge. He joined Financial Times as a columnist and he is also an advocate for maths teachers. Bobby has helped build a maths puzzle for BBC Bitesize and he also regularly comes up with mathematical challenges on BBC Radio 4. He has also taught three news presenters on BBC News Jayne McCubbin, Naga Munchetty, and Tim Muffett. He also taught at Chesterton Community College for two years.

Also, Bobby is an author who has written best-selling books Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain and Life-Changing Magic of Numbers.

Bobby has thousands of followers

Certainly, Bobby is pretty active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, and TikTok where he is followed by hundreds and thousands of people.

In March 2016 Bobby joined Twitter and he has gained 25.4k followers till now. Similarly, he is being followed by more than 2k people on his Facebook page which was created on April 13, 2020. Bobby is also active on YouTube where he joined on August 19, 2019, and has 1.27k followers. Furthermore, he has 16.9k followers on Instagram and has only 395 followers on his TikTok account.

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