All About Jim Caviezel’s Son – Bo Caviezel (Bio, Net Worth)

Bo Caviezel with Jim
Birth Place USA
Father Jim Caviezel


Bo Caviezel is the adopted child of Jim Caviezel. JIm is a famous actor who played in the film The Passion for the Christ, Count of Monte Cristo and The thin Red Line.


Bo was an abandoned child on a train in China. He was abandoned soon after his birth. The child was raised in an orphanage for 5 years.

He also did not have a mom and he came from actual dirt. In addition, Bo had a large visible brain tumor that threatened his life and it also took away any real hope for Love or even family.

It was a real challenge for Caviezel to adopt the child but he did it. The terrifying thing is that Bo is disabled.

The surgery has not been able to remove the tumor from Bo’s head but the Caviezels have been by the little child’s side throughout the procedure. They say that the child is like their own.

Some time later, the couple took in another child. This time they took in a healthy newborn girl.


Bo is still very young and struggling with a life threatening illness. We are not even sure if he is going to make it or not. So, it would be really disrespectful to talk about the child’s career options.

Who is Jim Caviezel?

Jim Caviezel was born in the year 1968, September 26. He is an american actor. Jim played the role of Jesus Christ in a 2004 movie about Jesus and he also starred as Reese on a sci-fi crime drama Person of Interest that aired in CBS.

HIs other roles include Private Witt, The Thin Red line, Frequency and The count of Monte Cristo. Jim was born in Mount Vernon, Washington.

His parents are Margaret and James. His father was a chiropractor while his mother was an actress. He also has a younger brother named Timothy and three sisters too. He was raised in a very tight Catholic family and his surname is actually Romansh.

Both of his parents are European. His father is of the Slovakian Swiss descent while his mother is of the Irish descent.

Caviezel’s career started when he went to perform in plays in his hometown of Seattle. He earned many awards in his play days.

The actor starred in a minor role in the film My Own Private Idaho. Later he moved to LA to start an acting career.

Jim also got a scholarship to study acting at the New York Julliard School but he turned it down to be involved in more actual acting. He did a lot of movies over the years and build his reputation in Hollywood.

How much Bo Caviezel Net Worth?

We know that Bo is just a child so, we have no way of estimating his net worth. His father, though, we can tell is worth a lot of money. Jim has made a bank from acting in various roles in a lot of movies.

He has had some high profile movies that earn a significant chunk of income. His movie The Passion of Christ alone grossed $611 million worldwide. Jim, on the other hand, is worth around $28 million. Not bad at all.

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