Who Is Bill Murray’s Son Caleb Murray?

Caleb Murray

Caleb Murray is widely known for being the son of popular American actor Bill Murray and his wife Jennifer Butler. Although Bill is a successful actor and occasionally appears in the media but none of his children have taken in his footsteps and not much is known about them, especially Caleb.

However, after Caleb was arrested in 2020 people started being curious about Bill’s third son so, in this piece, we will look into Caleb’s life, why he was arrested, his education, relationship status, and more.

Born to Bill and his second wife Jennifer on January 11, 1993, and as per his birth date, his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Caleb has a family background of Irish and American. Also, many members of his family are in the entertainment industry as his father as well as his uncle Brian Doyle-Murray.

While the few sources suggest that Caleb went to prestigious schools for his education, it is not revealed which school or university he went to. It seems that Caleb grew up in South Carolina as his family moved there after his and his brothers’ birth.

Caleb’s siblings and half-siblings

As mentioned Caleb is Bill’s third son and Jennifer’s first and two years after Caleb’s birth in 1995 Jennifer gave birth to her second son Jackson Murray. Similarly, two years after Jackson was born, Bill and Jennifer welcomed another son Cooper in 1997. Around four years after Cooper’s birth, Jennifer gave birth to Caleb’s youngest brother Lincoln in 2001.

Caleb also has two half-siblings (brothers) from his father’s previous or first marriage Margaret Kelly. The first child of Bill and Margaret, Homer Murray was born in 1982, currently, he owns and runs a restaurant located in Brooklyn.

As for his brother Luke, he was born in 1985 and he is a Uconn Athletics basketball assistant coach as well as the former director of basketball operations at Quinnipiac University.

Why was Caleb arrested?

Bill and Jennifer Butler

Back in June 2020, after police murdered George Floyd there was a huge protest against the policeman that murdered Floyd (Black Lives Matter) that was held in Massachusetts. Caleb was then arrested on June 1, Monday. According to the reports, he was arrested “and charged with ‘spitting on and biting a police officer and threatening arson’ during the protest.”

Furthermore, it was also reported that Caleb broke the window of a 66 years old man named Eric Woods’ truck by stone. It is said that Woods had previously insulted and used the raciest words to a black teenager. After hearing all this the protesters went crazy and it is believed that Caleb was one of the most focused on protesters, and after arresting him ‘he bit and spit on a police officer.’

It was not the end as Caleb was not cooperating with his arrest and even tried to cut himself and the officer with a piece of his phone. Moreover, he even threatened that he will burn down the buildings after he was freed.

Caleb was charged with multiple

celeb murray charged

In total, Caleb faced six offense charges,  destruction of property, assault on-duty officer, terrorism threat, and more. However, later his terrorism threat charges were dropped and his charge of destructing others’ property was also dropped as Liza Williamson (Edgartown District Court Clerk-Magistrate) explained that Caleb did not break Eric Woods’ truck window.

She further added that numerous protesters were there and the glass of Woods’ truck was already broken and more to it, Caleb had been held by the police even before the window was broken.

There is not much information on what he was ordered to but after his bail of $10,000, he was sentenced to pretrial probation for a year.

What is his relationship status?

Although Caleb is the son of a well-known actor, not much is known about him as he has been keeping his life away and private from the media. People didn’t even care to know about him before he was arrested in the Black Lives Matter protest. Furthermore, what makes it even harder to know something about him is that the fact he is not active on any social media platforms.

While it is still not clear as to if Caleb has a possible wife and girlfriend or not but since we have not got any clue so let’s just say that the third son of the Ghostbusters star is currently single and is not married.

Caleb’s parents’ marriage and divorce

As mentioned his father is a successful actor but did you know that Caleb’s mother Jennifer Butler is a costume designer? well, now you do.

It is said that while Bill cheated with his first wife Margaret Kelly with Jennifer and after divorcing Kelly, he married Jennifer in 1997. However, after living together for more than a decade on May 12, 2008, the couple officially divorced and Jennifer got $7 million as well as two houses as an alimony payment. Jennifer also got custody of all four of her children.

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